Genestealers are not to be feared.

The weakest of the tyrannic organisms they are cast out by their own vile race. Left to drift through the universe, Genestealers are nothing more than parasites, clinging to the dregs of worlds and starships long since abandoned as scrap. They have no courage and no honour. They are cowardly creatures, hiding underground in terror of the Emperor’s light and Mankind’s righteous wrath.

To defeat these pathetic organisms you need only position yourself within a tight corridor. With their  useless extra limbs, Genestealers struggle to move in tight spaces and cannot run without toppling forward. So get inside, funnel them towards you and gun them down. Without the protection of armour, Genestealers will succumb to even a glancing hit from a well-maintained lasgun.

Should your power-pack fail you, draw your knife. Genestealer’s malformed hands prevent them from operating weapons and they are unable to hold even a single blade. Cutting them down in close quarters is a simple feat for any guardsmen fit to wear his uniform.


Thought for the day:
A coward’s only reward is to live in fear another day.