Hail, loyal Guardsmen.

Following last week’s informational about combatting the Genestealer menace, it has come to our attention many of you are unable to identify the different strains of these creatures. To prevent future failures of duty, we have compiled this detailed and comprehensive guide to the various stages of the Genestealer infestation or cult.


These are your standard Genestealer xeno-types. Like all aliens, they are naturally inferior to humans. A few variations have been observed, sporting a variety of uncouth facial shapes and appendages, but all are universally four-armed and equally repugnant.


Genestealers are capable of overpowering poorly trained or ill-disciplined guardsmen and implanting them with alien DNA. If you believe you have been infected, please report to your local Commissar for medication.


These creatures are the first spawning of hybrids, birthed by infected human personnel who failed to report to their local Commissar. If you suspect a squad mate to be infected and not going to see a Commissar, it is your duty to escort them to the commissariat aid station immediately.

Most of this generation display a mix of human and Genestealer genetic traits, and are easily recognisable by their additional arms, purple complexion and ghastly alien claws.

They will likely try to hide themselves from the light of Imperial justice, by skulking in the shadows, and seeking to disguise their monstrous form. Regular patrols of high-risk underhive, and deep-ship locations are essential to flush out such degenerates.


These hybrids are if anything more repugnant, for they cloak their alien origins in the appearance of honest humanity. Still, distinguishing signs remain – they are traditionally lacking any hair, and many have noticeable ridges upon their forehead.

To be safe, it is mandatory that all follicly challenged imperial personnel in high-risk xenos-infected areas report to their local Commissar for testing.



This vile creature is the originator of the Genestealer infestation – more dangerous and larger than any other of the cult. Unless you have attended one of our commissariat-approved training days on combatting large Tyranid bio-forms, please do not engage this opponent in combat. Report your sighting and await specialist re-enforcement. We cannot guarantee your safety if you do not follow these instructions. Failure to follow these instructions will result in summary punishment.

Thought for the day:
The more one learns of the alien, the more one will come to loath it.