Caution: This is an officer-only instructional communication. If you are not of at least Lieutenant rank or equivalent, report immediately to your Regimental Commissar for breach of confidential officer communication protocol.

As a trusted commander in the Emperor’s glorious and invincible Astra Militarum, you have the honour of leading the very finest* of mankind’s warriors to inevitable victory on the battlefields of the galaxy.

To fulfil your duties, it is imperative at all times that you apply the A.Q.U.I.L.A. strategy for leadership.


Advance – Always advance. If the enemy is before you, take the fight to him. If you are surrounded – great news, you may proceed in any direction.

Quote – Call to mind an inspirational quotation and recite it, loudly. Remember, the content is less important than the vigour with which you deliver it. Your men will take heart from your words and fight all the harder.

Unify – Be sure to advance en masse – the enemy only has so many bullets. More importantly, this will also make it easier for your troopers to hear your inspiring words.

Inspire – Make sure your Regimental Standard is no more than two paces from you at any given time. Should the bearer fall, have the nearest Guardsmen drop his lasgun and retrieve the banner.

Lead – You should always be at the front of the formation. Only the bold are afforded the Emperor’s divine protection. Be sure to stop every 11 paces to strike a heroic pose upon the fallen bodies of your foe.

Attack – Keep fighting until all the enemy lie dead. If the tide appears to be turning in the opposition’s favour, fight harder. Retreat will result in death and the damnation of your eternal soul.


Follow the A.Q.U.I.L.A. and victory is assured.

For more information see Bulletin #714-45 – Litanies of Triumph.



Thought for the day:

“Courage is the Emperor’s gift: repay him with victory.”

*exaggerated for motivational effect.