Greetings, loyal Guardsmen of the Imperium.

As you are likely aware from your recent relocation orders, many of you will soon find yourselves posted to the Cadian sector.

Congratulations! You will find yourselves on the brink of the Eye. No other area of Imperial space offers so many opportunities for glory.

During this prestigious posting, you might find yourself confronted with traitor Space Marines. Do not be alarmed. These so-called Chaos Space Marines are naught but poor reflections of their loyal counterparts – not even a match for a well-trained Guardsman such as yourself.

For those of you on your first tour, your attention is required below. The attached target acquisition guide will enable you to tell the difference between a glorious warrior of the Emperor’s Adeptus Astartes and a wretched traitor. Firing upon the wrong target will result in summary punishment.



As a Guardsman stationed in the Cadian war zone, you should familiarise yourself with the heraldry and iconography of the Chapters currently active in that sector. In this instance, the warrior shown is a Tactical Marine of the legendary Ultramarines Chapter.

Note his excellent posture, and the holy gleam of his armour. His wargear will be well maintained, kept in immaculate condition by the ministrations of his Chapter’s skilled Techmarines.

If you are fortunate enough to fight alongside such a manifestation of the Emperor’s Will, be sure to redouble your efforts. Laxity will result in summary punishment.



In contrast, look upon and despise this traitorous wretch.

So ashamed are they of their 10,000 years of failure, Chaos Space Marines often paint their armour black, the better to go unnoticed and un-mocked.

Note the subject’s hunched and distorted frame. Some Chaos Space Marines are further hampered by malformations and mutations that lessen their combat effectiveness. You’ll notice their wargear is old and antiquated, and their boltguns often lack any ammunition. Most are in such disrepair that they are less effective than even a primitive autogun or stubber.

A Chaos Space Marine is not of threat to a vigilant Guardsman. Be vigilant. Be virtuous. Be victorious.

Failure to read or comply with the above notice will result in summary punishment.

Thought for the Day:
In the darkest of moments, the Emperor’s light shines brightest.