The Knights of the noble houses need your help! That’s right, Guardsman – even towering war machines are nothing without the support of you and your trusty lasgun.


Should you be called upon to fight alongside a Knight ally, there are two key things you must remember:

The enemy are desperate.
They will hurl themselves at a Knight’s vulnerable feet.

Knights must be safeguarded against enemy close-assault teams. You are required to form a perimeter around the legs of allied Knights. It is advised that you do not position yourself too close to the feet or you may be crushed. If you or a squadmate are trampled or otherwise maimed by a Knight’s mighty limb, you will, on reflection, conclude that it was entirely your own fault for not paying proper attention. Only the vigilant are rewarded with another day’s service**.

The enemy are cowardly.
They will hide among buildings and other areas of dense cover.

If such areas are spotted on the horizon, you must push forward and recon for hidden threats. Once a threat is identified you must not seek to resolve the situation by yourself. The life of a Knight is too precious for you to risk it by your clumsy efforts. Instead, you must immediately call in support from the Knight’s guns and any attached artillery batteries. Upon doing so, you will immediately want to take cover. If no cover is available, it is advised that you pray to the Emperor for protection. All worthy Guardsmen will be spared.


And remember, don’t get distracted. Knights are symbols of the God-Emperor’s might. They are awe-inspiring, but stopping to goggle at their destructive power can get you and your squad killed. Any trooper caught staring in slack-jawed stupor will be subject to summary punishment.

Thought for the day:
Victory goes to those with the biggest guns




*claim verified by at least three living Knight pilots. No deceased pilots could be located for comment.

**At the end of the battle all Guardsmen with flamers are required to clean the residue of their comrades off the knights foot.