It is a truth of our Imperium that even the God-Emperor’s Will can sometimes be undone by human weakness*. Within your ranks, you are blessed by the constant care of commissars, who ensure that if you stray you are corrected, and that if that correction fails you are given the comfort of a bolt shell to the head.

Sadly, not all Imperial servants have access to such positive influences.

Among those deprived of such support are the pilots of the Imperial Knights

The merging of minds between a Knight and its pilot can be dangerous, and the insanity that may result can lead pilot and Knight to serve powers that should not be spoken of – report to your commissar if you are not happy with this explanation.  

Such deranged individuals have been known to turn their backs on the Emperor and take up arms against their allies. As a servant of the God-Emperor you should be prepared to recognise and confront such scum if your paths cross.  

Renegade Knights will be easily recognisable from their Imperial counterparts. They show none of the glory and majesty of a loyal Knight of the Imperium. Their equipment will be in a poor state of repair, lacking the devotion of the Imperium’s Adeptus Mechanicus allies. Heretical symbols adorn their armour, and jagged scars mark their once noble visage – telltale signs for the keen of eye.



When facing such a foe, remember that though they may appear all-powerful, Renegade Knights have several key weaknesses, easily exploitable by a well-prepared guardsman.

Follow these steps to ensure victory.

  1. Though a Renegade Knight’s armour appears formidable, it is only as strong as their treacherous soul. Keep your mind pure and turn your strongest weapons against it. Lascannons, missile launchers, and meltaguns have all proven very effective. If your squad is not equipped with such weapons, simply inform command of the situation and patiently await reinforcements.
  2. Surround the foe. A Knight’s shields can only cover them from one direction of fire. Imperial Knights will be in full control of their actions, and are well trained in keeping their vulnerable facings out of the line of enemy fire. Traitor pilots, with their addled brains, have no such tactical nuance, and will likely charge directly into your formations – right where you want them. It should then be a simple matter to surround the enemy Knight and bring it down.
  3. At a push, your grenades can be used to bring down enemy Knights. Such weapons must be attached directly to the Knight for maximum effect. This can be dangerous if done incorrectly, so remember to follow the grenade safety guidelines from your Infantryman’s handbook.
  4. Out of grenades? Don’t worry – a swift bayonet to the Knight’s vulnerable ankle joint will bring it crashing down. Whereupon you can deliver the Emperor’s justice to the crippled abomination.
  5. If Step 4 proves ineffective, you’ve failed to properly maintain your bayonet. You now have no choice but to throw yourself into the workings of the Knight’s feet. Together, there is no foe that the mass of humanity cannot overcome. Rest assured you will be remembered as a hero. Survivors of such an assault will be summarily punished for poor bayonet maintenance.

Thought for the day:
“The greatest treachery begets the greatest vengeance.”



*If you suspect you or a fellow soldier could be experiencing Human Weakness, speak to your Regimental Commissar about options for munitorum approved motivational support.