The Warlord Titan

Good news, trooper.
Due to the escalating nature of the war zone that you find yourself in, your battlegroup will soon be assigned support from our allies in the Adeptus Mechanicus. Indeed, you are being blessed by the presence of no less than a Warlord Battle Titan.

As if any more evidence were needed of mankind’s manifest destiny to rule the galaxy, one need look no further than the Warlord Titan. A true god* of the battlefield, the Warlord Titan is invincible. No xenos abomination or vile construct in the galaxy can stand against its might.

When deployed alongside such a colossus, it is important that you take note of the following key points:


We all have our own battles

It could be tempting for a trooper lacking proper diligence to assume that such a god-machine renders his presence unnecessary. Such misjudgment can result in catastrophe. Your assignment, be it to clear rubble from a transit line, patrol a vital supply route, or disinfect the officers’ latrine, is every bit as important to the war effort as the Titan’s mission to destroy the enemy army in its entirety.


Make way

Warlord Titans never retreat. They know only the glorious advance that precedes victory.

Please avoid being trodden on. While this occurrence will not impact on the continued battlefield effectiveness of a Warlord Titan, the same cannot be said for your lasgun and flak jacket. If you do find yourself in the path of a Titan and survive, you may be disciplined for careless application of Munitorum property.


Big guns never tire (and neither does correct safety procedure)

The Warlord Titan harnesses the power of the most potent technologies in the galaxy. Many of these weapons can, in extreme cases, have detrimental effects on nearby humans.

Fear not! Ever your champions, the Munitorum will provide you with all the applicable aids and preventative measures required to survive such conditions.

For safety, you should take special care in the following circumstances:

  • When standing near a Titan armed with a Quake Cannon, you will be issued with earplugs. It is imperative you do not remove them, as when this weapon is fired, the shockwave emitted by the projectile’s passage can pulp organs and render brains to jelly.
  • When fighting alongside a Titan equipped with a Sunfury Plasma Annihilator, a weapon that unleashes the caged thermonuclear oblivion of a star, you will be issued with ocular solar shields. Even so, do not look directly at the blast. It has been estimated** this will cause your eyeballs to melt in their sockets.
  • If you witness a barrage of vortex missiles, and happen to glimpse the enemy’s last moments as they are consumed by the horror of the immaterium, you should immediately consume Special Ration Pack XIV. These small tabs will stave off any impending madness. A commissar will be on hand to help you administer the dose. 

Good luck, trooper. May the Emperor keep you in his sight.



If you would like to witness the unveiling of a new STC-approved model of Warlord Titan, this war machine will be joining the parade of the Emperor’s Ascension this weekend. Speak to your Regimental Commissar about attendance.

Thought for today:
“Victory may not rest with the big guns, but if we rest in front of them, we shall be lost.”


* Please note that this statement is a metaphor. On no account worship the Warlord Titan, unless as a manifestation of the Emperor’s enthroned divinity. Check with your Regimental Commissar prior to prayer if at all unsure.
**Estimates based on actual observed occurrences.