The galaxy’s greatest weapon*

The lasgun is the finest man-portable weapon ever devised.

The pinnacle of function, utility and durability, it is the envy of xenos races** and the salvation of countless planets. The thunderous and disciplined volleys of Astra Militarum las-fire are perhaps the most feared and respected force in the galaxy, the very core of the Imperium’s might.

In battle, success comes from the unified strength of each individual, and as each voice adds to the whole when your squad recites pre-battle prayers, it is your responsibility to ensure your lasgun is ready to add its voice to the chorus of victory.

You are undoubtedly very familiar with your lasgun, but have you ever stopped to think about what an absolute marvel the technology it is? If not, take a moment now to do that.

Welcome back. Did you conclude that the lasgun is a weapon truly worthy of your respect? If not, repeat the previous step. If you are still not reaching that conclusion, report to your regimental commissar for guidance.

Your lasgun:

The components of your lasgun are optimised to perfection: from the durable outer casing to the pin-point accuracy afforded by the scope and barrel. It is important that you regularly disassemble and clean your lasgun as shown, not to avoid failure (the lasgun is too fine a weapon for such a worry) but to honour its machine spirit – as is only right and proper.


1.  Cadian issue las-chassis
Waterproof, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable^

2.  Detachable tactical-stock
An effective bludgeoning tool. Can be removed for maneuverability in close confines. Note: If removed, do not lose.

3.  Alloyed adamantium barrel
Good for 100,000 firings.

4.  High-charge power pack.
Check temperature often – if cool, you are not fighting hard enough. Immediately commence  firing.
Once depleted, can be recharged by exposing to naked flame. Beware: If done incorrectly, this may – on rare occasions – result in explosion.

5.  Optional carry strap
Warning! Choking hazard. Do not use unless you have completed Advanced Apparel training.

^upon expiration, your weapon will be passed to the next breathing recruit

Note: The lasgun shown is a venerable Cadian class, the nemesis of Traitor Space Marines and cultists alike in the Segmentum Obscurus. Several other makes and models of lasgun are produced around the Imperium, all of which are exceptional weapons.

Limitations of the Lasgun:

The lasgun has no limitations. Of course, like any weapon, it is more efficient against certain target locations. If you fail to bring down an enemy the blame lies with you. To avoid such failure – and the certain death that comes with it – be sure to follow this targeting guide.


Light Infantry
Against enemy infantry, aim for the head and chest. Mechanicus research shows that malign entities possess individuals by coiling around their hearts and brains – so destroy these just to be safe.

Armoured Enemies
Aim for the eyes and joints. Better to cripple and incapacitate, then finish them with a swift rifle-butt at close range.

Additional: While it has been observed that some renegade and xenos forces also make use of las-technology, their weapons should not be confused with an Imperial lasgun. Manufactured with neither skill nor artifice, their unsanctified weapons are little better than glorified flashlights unable to scratch even the most worn flak-plate.


Thought for the Day:
“An open mind is like a fortress, its gates unbarred and unprotected.”



*statement is figurative

**aliens need to use crude projectiles or unstable plasma to achieve a fraction of the deadly potential of your simple beams of light – truly, you are blessed by the Emperor.