Your standard issue flak armour is the envy of infantry the galaxy over. No other* form of personal armour offers such a unique blend of ballistic protection and energy absorption.

The sophisticated armour weave used in flak armour construction combines ordinary metal plates and standard fabrics into a protective package that far exceeds the sum of its parts. Robust and durable, flak armour allows a trooper their full range of movement while offering substantial protection.

Flak armour is so good that 83%** of Guardsmen interviewed said that given the choice they’d take flak armour over bulky carapace or impractical power armour every time.


A recent study*** by the Sisters Hospitaller revealed that any Guardsmen wounded while wearing flak armour had simply failed to maintain it properly. Combat medics are ordered not to waste their time on troopers injured by such laxity.

Maintaining your flak armour

In order to keep your flak armour in optimum working order and maintain the excellent protection it affords, you are required to observe the following:

  • Do not expose your flak armour to fast moving, solid-slug ammunition
  • Do not allow your flak armour to come into contact with explosives
  • Care should be taken not to wear your flak armour near naked flames
  • Keep away from sharp implements, and from heavy objects which may fall on your flak armour.
  • Despite proliferation of enemy blood and battlefield filth, you must not wash your flak armour at temperatures exceeding 40 degrees.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in your flak armour being confiscated. Note: you will still be expected to take part in active combat duty.


Thoughts for the day
“My armour is contempt”****



*Testing has not been conducted on other forms of armour.
**Other 17% executed for gross cowardice
***Study fictional.
****Unless less metaphorical armour has been provided.