– In the event of breakdown –

The redoubtable workhorse of the Astra Militarum, the Chimera is the most reliable* transport vehicle in the galaxy, and you should feel honoured to be carried into battle in such a noble machine.

However, there are occasions when poor maintenance, extreme enemy fire, or a lack of faith on the part of the occupants have led to these dependable transports breaking down.

In the event of such an unlikely occurrence, follow this simple guide.


Step 1: Exit the vehicle

If your Chimera ceases to move in a combat zone, calmly exit the vehicle and examine it.

(Important! If you are currently embarked amidst an aquatic assault, do not exit the vehicle – this is key.)

Step 2: Secure the area

If the vehicle is under attack by the enemy, it is your duty to protect it. Eliminate all enemy in the vicinity before seeking to aid your vehicle. Standard Armoured Fist Squad size is 10 well-trained and -equipped Guardsmen of the Emperor’s glorious Astra Militarum – more than a match for any enemy presence nearby.

Step 3: Determine severity of problem

– No obvious signs of damage

Strike each track of the vehicle 12 times with the butt of a standard issue lasgun while reciting the Litany of Mechanical Reignition. This will assuredly fix the issue.

If this fails to fix the issue, vox a report to your Regimental Enginseer. They will advise you on your next course of action.

– Vehicle is on fire

Calmly move to a safe distance. Chimeras are, of course, immune to simple flame. After a short time, or mild rain, your transport will be ready to board again. If you yourself are ablaze, do not re-enter the vehicle.

– I can see through the hull

As many squad members as required should immediately remove their flak jackets and jam them into the holes in the hull. This will quickly and effectively ensure your continued safety. Troopers should contribute their armour in reverse height order. While it requires more sets of smaller armour, they’re harder to hit. Any holes remaining at this point, once all troopers have contributed their armour, can be used as additional firing points from the vehicle.

– Machine-spirit not responding

As explained earlier, the Chimeras is a very durable transport, so its destruction is likely the result of your own incompetence, such as a complete inability to carry out the simple repairs listed above.

But set aside your shame. You should now fight all the harder to seek penance for your failings, and avenge the machine-spirit of your fallen vehicle.

We hope you have found this instruction helpful.

If you have not, please re-read it until you have fully understood. You will be tested.

Thought for the day:
“Our armour is contempt.”
*According to tests perfomed by Munitorum-approved Chimera manufacturing facilities on the forge world of Gryphonne IV