The green-skinned alien known as the Ork is the one of the most widespread and rightly despised xenos races of the galaxy*. They are also amongst the most common enemy you will encounter as an Imperial Guardsman.

At range, the forces of the Ork are no match for the disciplined armies of the Imperium, and will be outmanoeuvred, outgunned, and destroyed in short order. Single Orks are also little threat, their large muscles hiding poor coordination and low intelligence

However, due to their individual weakness, Orks have been known to attack in such numbers that firepower alone does not suffice, and it can occasionally become necessary to despatch these aliens in close quarters fighting.

While the large frame and brutish appearance of the Ork can make them seem an intimidating foe to a cowardly soul, as a Guardsman of the Astra Militarum, you should be above such fear.

While every one of you is well trained, disciplined and courageous, the Ork is a clumsy and ponderous fighter, with little stomach for a protracted encounter. You will likely find that many will flee, rather than risk death against you in single combat.

This instructional diagram will guide you through the correct procedure for defeating Orks in close combat.


We hope you have enjoyed this instructional guide, and that you have a chance to put these new skills to work soon.

If you and your platoon would like to practise these techniques, speak to your Regimental Commissar, who can provide you with faux-Ork weapons and green face paint, to help you recreate the encounter in the most realistic way possible.

Thought for the Day:

“The Ork is a plague upon the galaxy, one that we will gladly battle, by bolt, by blade and in the Emperor’s name.”




*If you would like to learn more about the other xenos races of the galaxy, report to your Regimental Commissar immediately for summary punishment.