Attention troopers,

Due to increased enemy activity along our patrol routes, and what can only be described as a series of unfortunate incidents, there are now unparalleled opportunities for advancement. At this time, fully one hundred squads are operating without a Sergeant. These hard-to-come-by* positions could be filled by you!

As a Sergeant you will not only receive the respect** of your men, but you will also benefit from better pay, higher quality rations and access to a spare uniform***.

Such is the current need to fill these positions that we are waiving the normal Sergeant’s exam. Instead, promotion will be allocated on a first come basis. If you think you have what it takes to become a Sergeant and lead a squad into battle, report to muster ground XIV at first light.

Please read the below in preparation:

As you are no doubt aware, Sergeant rank is denoted by three nested chevrons. This is no coincidence. Battle doctrine dictates that there are three important rules when charged with the role of Squad Sergeant:

  1. Your Sergeant’s patch must be sewn onto your left sleeve. It should be positioned away from any webbing or wargear attachments in order that the enemy can clearly see it and fear you.
  2. You must at all times be able to locate, and manoeuvre to, the middle of your squad. It is impossible to mount a successful operation from any other position.
  3. Lastly, and most importantly, you must be able to wield a chainsword. Indeed it is impossible to effectively lead a squad without one. Chainswords are more than just weapons****. They are totems of your Emperor-granted authority. Use them to direct your squad’s fire, order an advance, and signal victory with a glorious thrust into the air (see bulletin #723-89A for advice on heroic poses)2


Glory awaits. May the Emperor guide you.

Thought for the day:
“The courageous shall forever walk in the Emperor’s light.”



*Generally speaking, squads that lose their Sergeant die in the confusion of battle due to lack of leadership, removing the need for a replacement


***Incorrect at time of publication

****While your chainsword can also be used as a weapon, this is of secondary importance. The spinning, barbed teeth will throw blood and viscera all over your uniform, obscuring your Sergeant’s patch. If you must engage the enemy with your chainsword (ie, if you have failed in your duty to annihilate them at range), you may be well advised to use it as a sturdy club instead. Any damage to the weapon will be taken from your pay.