Greetings Guardsmen,

This week, we examine one of the most perverse and bizarre sub-sects of Eldar culture you are likely to encounter upon the field of battle.

The so-called “Harlequins” of the the Eldar are not warriors in any true sense of the word. It has been well documented that, due to to crippling  casualties inflicted upon them by the glorious armies of the Imperium, it has become common practice amongst the Eldar to deploy untrained and unprepared civilians into battlefield roles.

The Harlequins are the most extreme example of this: clowns, jugglers and circus performers conscripted to fight on the front line. They are the fools of Eldar society, worshippers of a god* that even their deplorable kin would not stoop so low as to court.

In battle, they prance forwards in a riot of colour, as if cheap conjuring tricks, puffs of glitter and poorly choreographed acrobatics could ever prove a match for the disciplined fire and faith of the Emperor’s armies.


Don’t be dissuaded by their foolish displays and ludicrous garb, the Harlequins are just as deserving of death as any xenos you may face in service to the Emperor. More so, even, for their brazen arrogance. For all their garish appearance, these are spiteful creatures and would as happily stab a man soon as look at him, given the chance – preferably in the back since a head-on confrontation with a Guardsman would end in the Eldar’s grisly demise.

Harlequins have been known to employ heretical holo-field technology, comparable to that of some Eldar tanks. This cowardly attempt at stealth can make it difficult to ascertain their exact location and target them. Know that while your eyes can be deceived, your faith cannot! When firing at Harlequins, you should aim with your eyes closed and a prayer to the Emperor on your lips, and allow faith to guide your shots true**.

As with all Eldar civilians, a single warrior is no match for a trained Guardsman. But do not let pity stay your hand: kill them, as you would any enemy of mankind.

We trust you have found this informative.

Thought for the Day:
‘The Eldar’s time is over. Would that they had the good grace to accept their oblivion with dignity.’


*Cegorach, a minor Eldar “god”*** of cowardice and offensive fashion.

**Any Guardsman found missing at this point will be reported to their Regimental Commissar for a lack of faith.

***Eldar gods are, of course, not actual gods – the Emperor is the only true deity in the galaxy.