Good news, Guardsmen,

Your relentless battle against the xenos of this blighted war zone is about to end in a decisive victory for the Imperium.

Representatives of the Ordo Xenos have contacted local Departmento command to inform us that this engagement-location will soon come under their jurisdiction, and they will be deploying their own elite alien hunting forces to combat the xenos menace.


Who are these elite heroes?

You should not ask such questions, because questions are the first step on the road to heresy. Put any thoughts of black-clad warriors and unfamiliar inquisitorial aircraft in the sky from your thoughts. Your duty and your orders should be your only concern.

Keep your queries to yourself: questions are unbecoming of a faithful warrior of the Imperium.



Instead, you should sit and consider how you have failed to enact the Emperor’s will and secure victory in this war zone to such an extent that the Inquisition has had to intervene.

Some of you who have had very close or prolonged exposure to dangerous xenos creatures, or who were unable to resist the urge to ask questions, will need to go through standard decontamination procedures, overseen by the Ordo Xenos. That may include, but is not limited to: an extensive debriefing by inquisitorial personnel, some minor memory re-allocation surgery, mandatory donation of tissue samples and organs for testing, and a low-pH-liquid full-body decontamination immersion procedure.

After this, you will be given a cup of tanna tea and cake.

So there you have it.

To summarise:
– Everything is under control.
– Victory is assured.
– No questions.

Thought for the Day:
‘An open mind is like a fortress, its gates unbarred and unprotected.’