Enemy At Large.

Eldar vagrant clad in black robes and over-wrought hat.



As a loyal warrior of the Astra Millitarum, it is your duty to be ever-vigilant for any sign of the Imperium’s most hated foes, so you can bring them the swift mercy of Imperial justice.

None deserve this as much as Eldrad Ulthran: witch, heretic, peddler of lies and architect of countless atrocities against mankind.

This despicable Eldar ‘Farseer’* has been menacing the galaxy since before the word ‘menacing’ existed. His lunatic ‘prophecies’ and erratic strategies have pushed the Imperium into conflict in dozens of war zones across the galaxy, and it’s high time he was brought to account for his crimes.

So heinous are his actions against the Imperium, local Inquisitorial command have declared Eldrad Ulthran:

Segmentum Enemy  #1.

He is known to have been very active in recent months, leading black-clad Eldar conscripts, and was most recently seen in the company of an Eldar Harlequin troupe.**

Report any information or sightings to your regimental Commissar***.

Thought for the Day:
Innocence proves nothing.


* Given this name by his peers, as most Eldar have notoriously poor eyesight, and Eldrad can at least make out the vague outlines of shapes at a distance.

** See previous bulletin for more information on this deviant xenos sub-cult.

*** Where you will face summary punishment for failing to kill said enemy.