Good news, Trooper,

Following your recent reassignment to an exciting new war zone near the Cadian Sector, you’ll now have an unrivaled opportunity to bring one of the Imperium’s most deservedly hated foes to justice.

You may remember*, two weeks back we informed you that Eldrad Ulthran had become the most wanted enemy in the segmentum. But thanks to recent sightings of an even more detestable foe, the Eldar witch has been demoted Segmentum Enemy No. 2** replaced by…


As a loyal warrior of the Imperium, you likely care to know only as much of any heretic as is required to kill him, as is right and proper, but even one as righteous as yourself may have heard of ‘The Betrayer’. Of all the thrice-damned traitors in the Eye of Terror, he is the most treacherous — turning his blade upon any foolish enough to fight alongside him, even amongst his so-called allies.

Berzerker, Butcher, Heretic, Traitor, Betrayer: Khârn goes by many names and titles.

The crimes of this accursed renegade date back to [REDACTED] when he was commander of [REDACTED] and began to collect the skulls of [REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED] viscera and painted the walls of [REDACTED].[REDACTED][REDACTED] spinal column as a club.

For years, the Imperium has been content to let this maniac stay loose in the Eye of Terror, slaying his own traitorous kin. The Emperor’s mercy must come to all in time however, so now that he has been sighted once again outside the Eye, the Inquisition has, in it’s wisdom, declared with immediate effect that Khârn the Betrayer is Segmentum Enemy No. 1!

Identifying Khârn:

  • Like many traitors, Khârn’s armour is incomplete, missing an entire arm section – evidence of how poorly supplied such renegades can be.
  • Khârn’s helmet is of an ancient and antiquated style that serves little practical purpose other than to make navigation of low door frames problematic.
  • Khârn is known to shout ‘Kill! Maim! Burn!’ non-stop at the top of his multi-lungs. This is a dead giveaway, as others avoid the use of this war cry unless they don’t mind attracting his murderous attention.
  • He carries a large axe, believed to be a replica of a Great Crusade-era model, though of course, this fake is nothing like as lethal as the real thing would be.
  • He’s also been seen wielding a variety of side arms, most recently a Mk II plasma pistol.

Upon Identifying Khârn:

  • Ensure that you have correctly identified Khârn. Many traitors look repugnantly similar to the eyes of the untainted, so get good and close to confirm it’s him.
  • Once close, with the enemy identity confirmed, call in an artillery or orbital strike to destroy him utterly, and leave you unharmed.***
  • You may be called upon to hold the Betrayer in place while the barrage is brought to bear. If so, remember that Khârn is known to become enraged by the spilling of blood, so when fighting him in close quarters, try not to bleed.
  • Finally, any guardsman found losing their head in combat when fighting the Betrayer, either literally or figuratively, will be expected to report to their Regimental Commissar for summary punishment.

Good luck out there soldiers. Let’s bag a Betrayer!

Thought for the day:
‘There is no being so foul as the traitor.’

* All soldiers of the Astra Militarum are expected to remember all Regimental Standard articles and be able to repeat them when requested, word for word. Failure to do so will be reported to your Regimental Commissar.

** Eldrad is still Enemy No. 1 in Segmentum Pacificus however, so do still shoot him if you see him.

*** Danger – close proximity protocols will not be in effect. The Emperor protects the virtuous.