Look to the skies, Guardsmen,

Salvation has arrived on wings of fury.

Following what has been described (fairly) as a slightly over-optimistic initial counter-attack against the forces of Chaos, you may have found yourself in a less than ideal tactical position. However, as has ever been the case, this small setback to the Imperial war effort is nothing but a minor speed bump on the road to victory, and you will soon be reinforced by the legendary warriors of Baal, the Blood Angels Space Marines no less.


We are aware that several officers have expressed some concern about entering a war zone alongside these notoriously fearsome warriors*. Such fears of blood-thirsty maniacs are entirely unfounded**; the fury of Sanguinius’ sons is nothing but the pure and righteous hatred that all should feel for the traitor, the heretic and the alien.

The Blood Angels are a Chapter with a roll of honours that is almost unequaled amongst the Adeptus Astartes: they make impeccable allies, take meticulous care of their personal appearance and conspicuously ornate wargear, and are utterly reliable in combat. You should consider yourselves very lucky to have the opportunity to fight in the same system as them, let alone shoulder to shoulder*** on the same field of battle.

That said, there are a few things that should be observed when fighting alongside these honourable and noble warriors.

  • The Blood Angels observe many blood-related rituals in honour of their martyred Primarch. Such observances may seem unusual, or even barbaric, to those uneducated in the ways of Baal. Fear not, the Blood Angels are stoic and composed warriors, utterly in control of their fury when not in battle.
  • When a Blood Angel is in combat, the holy might of his Primarch will be roused in him. It is suggested that you do not approach any Blood Angel actively participating in the killing of heretics, so as not to distract him.
  • Some Blood Angels wear black armour in battle. Such individuals have pledged themselves utterly to the destruction of their foes, and as a mark of respect, and not in any way for your own safety, we suggest that you stay far away from such warriors at all times.


Observe these points, and together we will secure victory against this latest Chaos incursion, as we always do.

Thought for the Day:
All hail the martyrs! On their blood is our Imperium founded, in their remembrance do we honour ourselves.

*These individuals have been thoroughly re-educated by their Regimental Commissars
**Except in regards to our traitorous foes, of course, which are – in fact – blood-thirsty maniacs.
***We realise that most Guardsmen’s shoulders only come up to a Space Marine’s elbow.