Look alive, Guardsmen,

We have detected possible alien contamination in your sector.

The Ordo Xenos has requested that all guardsman be on the lookout for individuals acting suspiciously, sickly, or showing any sign of alien taint. The exact nature of the alien infection has not been disclosed, but the Inquisition has requested that any individuals showing unusual symptoms, or those folically challenged, be subject to immediate quarantine, for their own good*.


In addition, your usual supply of rations has been identified as a possible source of infection, and as such, shipments from usual locations have been halted with immediate effect and are headed for the incinerator. Fortunately, we have secured an alternate supplier. Ghosar Agri Solutions were only too happy to help with the war effort and have kindly donated 10,000 crates of supplies. These are already on route and will be with you in a matter of days.

In related news, following the sad death of Preacher Theodor Harex** we are delighted to announce that your regiment’s spiritual guidance will henceforth be provided by a new preacher, also generously provided by Ghosar Agri Solutions: Sebastian Quintus. He has requested that the first congregation be held in the hangar bay upon delivery of our new rations so that we may thank the Emperor for such a glorious bounty.

Fear not, we are sure that the Ordo Xenos will have the situation resolved quickly.

Thought for the Day:
“Death brings no peace to the unfaithful.”

*Any guardsmen who fail to report such individuals will also be quarantined.

**Investigation into his death has found no cause for suspicion.