To arms, all loyal guardsmen of the Imperium!

We have detected a full-blown Genestealer infestation in your war zone.

Cultists, Hybrids and Purestrain Genestealers have all been reported in what looks to be a well-planned and coordinated uprising.* Fear not. With vigilance and proper application of your lasguns, we will be victorious.

Cowardly and weak, the xenos filth and their deranged followers rely heavily on subterfuge and infiltration. Such is their lunacy, they even believe that they can just hide in plain sight. But they weren’t counting on the finest guardsmen this side of the Caecus Rift to be hunting them!

In order to clearly distinguish friend from foe, simply adhere to the following procedure:

  • Upon encountering an unidentified person, swiftly take aim and clearly shout “Halt, in the name of the Emperor! Hands up.”
  • If the enemy either does not halt, and/or raises more than two arms, immediately shoot them.
  • Assuming the enemy has complied with your request, instruct them to take off any headgear. This will allow you to see if they have an overly bulbous or ridged head. If they do, shoot them.**
  • Never wavering your aim, check skin complexion and eyes. If either exhibit a purplish hue, immediately shoot them.
  • The Genestealer is an insidious foe and, even on uninfected persons, they have been known to exhibit some mind control over more weak-willed individuals, or those lacking in faith. Have the suspect repeat the 63rd canticle of faith in full from the Guardsman’s Ecclesiarchy Handbook. If they fail to do so, stutter, or do not the deliver the full 12 verses with sufficient zeal, shoot them.

Such a process will allow you to root out any infected or non-loyal persons.

Gather the loyal to you and hold the line, Guardsmen. The Inquisition has responded quickly, and have already dispatched a fleet to aid in the situation. They have informed us their ships carry the means to end this uprising completely in a single stroke, which we think sounds like it can only be good news for you and your comrades.

Thought for the day:
“Analysis is the bane of conviction.”


*Well planned by xenos standards of course. Such creatures still lack the tactical acumen for true logistical superiority.

**Genestealer infested individuals will also lack any cranial hair. While this is not unique to the infected, we advise that such persons are also treated as hostile.