New breeds of Hate!

Thanks to a series of successful* recon missions, we have uncovered several new subspecies of the Genestealer breed. Whether these are indeed new organisms or merely mutations that have been previously incorrectly classified or dismissed, is still being investigated.

(Should you need a reminder on the most common forms of Genestealer, consult this article)

What we know for sure is that these subspecies represent a desperate evolutionary phase in the Genestealer’s war on mankind. The xenos know they are losing, and without the courage to face their inevitable oblivion, they have sought to evolve past their ineffective and outmoded biological origins. Mutating into ever stranger and more heretical physical forms, the Genestealers have succeeded in nothing more than further damning their race. As ever, the cursed alien has been unable to produce a form more pleasing or effective than that of Man. Grotesque and clumsy, these subspecies represent even less of a threat than standard Genestealer types.

The following is a guide on how to identify and dispense with the most prevalent of these new subspecies.

The Metamorph

Mutant and xenos – worthy of oblivion twice over.

metamorphThese creatures at first appear to be 1st or 2nd generation Genestealer hybrids, but upon closer inspection, they are shown to also sport a variety of strange and repugnant mutations. The majority of these do little but impair their combat effectiveness, and such creatures are almost laughable to witness**. Some bear a passing resemblance to the equally-ineffective bioweapons of the Tyranid Hive Fleets. In the hands of such clumsy warriors, these weapons pose little threat to a well trained guardsman.

The Primus

To slay a serpent, remove the head.

magusAlso apparently originating from the 1st and 2nd Generation of hybrids is the Primus. This creature is as close as this heretical and disorganised sub-race gets to a battlefield leader. Having little grasp of tactics or strategy, this half-intelligent “commander” barks orders in a strange alien tongue in wishful imitation of the fine officers of the Astra Militarum. Such an affront to the traditions of the Imperial Guard should be met with the response it deserves – a swift death on the bayonet of a true warrior of the Imperium.

The Magus

Faith is the best defence against the witch.

primusThe Magus is the rarest of the hybrid strains and you are unlikely to come across one. These specimens were at first believed to have some very minor psychic ability. However, further investigation*** has shown them to be little more than false prophets able to perform mere parlour tricks. They are an affront to the Emperor and the righteous men who spread his teachings. These hybrids are more deserving than any of being obliterated.

There you have it, Guardsmen. We trust you have found this post informative.
Now go out there and show these aliens who rules this galaxy!****

Thought for the Day:
‘Know the Alien. Hate the Alien, Kill the Alien.’


*At least 1 of these missions recorded an above standard survival rate of 4.6%.
**Don’t laugh at the xenos. Hatred is the only Munitorum-sanctioned emotional response.
***Conclusion based on rigorous positive thinking.
****It’s humanity. If you had to check, report to your Regimental Commissar for Summary Punishment.