Greetings Guardsmen,

Following several recent, impromptu commissariat-led interview sessions with a selection of guardsmen from your division, we have become aware of a few disturbing rumours that have been circulating. Chief amongst them are reported sightings of a one-eyed ‘daemonic’ creature, seen abroad in this war zone. There has even been some speculation that this being is some kind of fallen son of the Emperor, (which is, of course, ridiculous, because all the traitor Primarchs were slain 10,000 years ago along with the bulk of their traitorous sons*.)

We at the Regimental Standard are, however, nothing if not seekers of the truth, so we immediately sanctioned an investigation into these claims.

After diligent and thorough scrutiny of all the evidence, we can now confirm that these rumours have not one shred of truth to them.

Our investigations into this sighting have confirmed that this so called ‘Daemon Primarch’ was nothing but a glimpsed sighting of a sun-burned Ogryn in an eye-patch.


You should rest assured that there is nothing that faces you across the battlefields of this war zone, or any other for that matter, that cannot be dealt with by the disciplined application of las-fire and the cold steel of Imperial bayonets.

The Commissariat has asked us to remind you that, now that this matter is resolved, any further speculation on the existence of such a being will be dealt with harshly**.

Thanks for reading, Guardsmen,

Thought for the day:
‘A good death celebrates a hero’s life; a bad death merely ends a wasted one.’



*For more information on the events of the Horus Heresy, read this article, dispelling many of the common misconceptions about that glorious time in Imperial History.
**Speculation is the most vulgar form of Heresy.