Greetings Guardsmen,

We have been made aware of a disturbing cultural (and heretical) ritual practiced by civilians in this sector. To wit: the practice of dressing up as an Eldar Harlequin and jumping out at people to frighten them.

This cultural tradition is believed to have begun over 3 centuries past, following the defeat of a raiding party of these bizarre xenos warriors* by the Catachan 56th. After the battle, several xenos masks (those attached to the heads of aliens decapitated by lethal Catachan fangs), were taken up by the rightfully joyous civilians and paraded through the streets – all harmless fun.

However, in recent years, commemorating this practice has evolved and taken on a disturbing turn, where unscrupulous types will actually dress up as xenos Harlequins** in an attempt to scare unwitting fellow civilians. There have even been reports of children donning alien masks, if you can imagine such a heretical thing***.

The situation came to the a head recently, when one so-called “prankster”, jumped out at an armoured parade of veterans returning from the Demesnus Campaign against the Eldar. The resulting, instinctive volley of fire from the armoured company leveled a small hab-block.

Naturally, the Inquisition in this sector is clamping down hard on such practices and has ordered that all such masks found, weather originally xenos in origin or relica, be gathered and burned****.


We would like to remind you that any involvement in this, definitely corrupting, local ritual is strictly against regulations. Any Astra Militarum personnel found in breach of this directive must be reported to their Regimental Commissar.

In lighter news, we hope you are all looking forward to the more wholesome tradition of the Regimental Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension. We remind you that, due to the continued rationing of supplies, the grox-roast this year has been replaced with an alternate menu option*****.

Thanks for reading, Guardsmen.


Thought for the Day:
‘An alien mind cannot accept the Emperor’s Blessing.’




*Though ‘warrior’ is a bit of a strong word for these ‘dancers’.
** Remember, impersonating an alien, even in mimicry is heresy.
*** If you can, report to your Regimental Commissar.
**** Along with the wearer.
*****Standard ration packs plus a munitorum-approved party hat.