Greeting Guardsmen,

Today we have another history lesson for you.

You may have heard of the Burning of Prospero. As with many events of that tumultuous time deep in our history, it can be tricky to unpick the facts from the rumours and conjecture*. Fear not, we at the Regimental Standard are here to bring you the (Ecclesiarchy approved) story of really happened.


The Thousand Sons, as you may be aware, were one of eighteen** Legions, gifted with the task of reuniting the scattered worlds of man to form the united Imperium – the infallible Emperor’s chosen destiny for the galaxy. However, unlike the noble Space Marines of the Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels and other loyal Legions, some Legions – including the Thousand Sons – squandered this gift. Magnus’ Legion were more concerned with the accumulation of heretical texts and knowledge, even going so far as to shield heretical cultures from the true light of Imperial compliance.

Under the malign guidance of their cold-hearted, rule-disregarding, cyclopean primarch, the Thousand Sons gathered a wealth of blasphemous tomes and scripts in the libraries of their home world, Prospero. As you can imagine, this world was a despicable place, its cities wretched cesspools of corruption and villainy, quite unlike the civilised hives of modern-day Imperial worlds.

This seeking of blasphemous knowledge would inevitably lead to their corruption, and damnation beckoned! Something had to be done.

The Emperor*** sent the Space Wolves, noble and civilised defenders of the Imperium, to put a halt to the Thousand Sons blasphemy before it was too late. Little did they know… they were already too late.****

Upon peacefully landing upon Prospero, the Space Wolves were fired upon by fell magics, conjured by the now-unsalvageably***** corrupted warriors of the Thousand Sons Legion.

Luckily, the Wolf King Leman Russ anticipated his brother’s treachery, and his warriors were accompanied by the legendary Sisters of Silence, warriors whose love of the Emperor was so strong, it was able to protect them from the ravages of the enemy’s sorceries (not unlike how your own faith in the Emperor can protect you from similar threats).


The loyal Imperial forces quickly, and with astonishingly few casualties, broke the forces of the traitors, driving them back to a final battleground. There, the mighty Leman Russ fought his deluded, raving brother, and broke Magnus’ back in single combat, forever banishing his foul magics from the galaxy.

– Another resounding victory for the Imperium!

Now, there are some who claim that in those last moments, the Thousand Sons Legion somehow escaped Imperial justice. We can assure you this is not the case. No crimson warrior bearing the symbol of the XV Legion has been seen in the Imperium since the events of Prospero, and we can therefore reliably confirm that they were all slain.

That concludes your history lesson for this week.

If you have any questions regarding the use of sorcerous powers, or the acquisition of blasphemous texts, please direct your questions to your Regimental Commissar.

Thought for the Day:
‘All your works turn to ash and dust if they do not serve the Emperor.’

*All conjecture is Heresy
** AND ONLY 18
***Blessed be His name, holy protector and light of humanity
****These were more innocent times. We now know, of course, that it is always too late to save those corrupted by dark powers. Only death and flame bring purity.
***** The Administratum assures us this is definitely (probably) a real word.