Greetings guardsmen,

We have received some questions recently from some of the more inquisitive* members of your company about the new allied auxiliaries recently assigned to the regiment.

We are blessed to be joined in this campaign by Oblivion Knight Lunix Merindrath and her squad of Sisters of Silence.

For those of you unfamiliar with these warriors, all you need know is that these women are blessed in the eyes of the Emperor, and are skilled hunters of the witch, the warlock and the sorcerer.


As their name suggests, they are indeed silent, though not through any inability to speak. Rather they have sworn an oath of silence to the Emperor himself.**

We ask that you do not attempt to test this vow.

In particular, to help facilitate a continued friendly alliance, please desist from trying to make them laugh, regardless of how humorous or relevant you believe your joke to to be.***

Generally speaking, you should have no reason to interact with these warriors. Such interactions and discussions of tactical import will be left to war zone command, and any unauthorised attempt at communication will be reported to your Regimental Commissar.

Several Guardsmen have reported headaches or feelings of nausea in the presence of these warriors. We can assure you that such a reaction is nothing but a natural response to the undiluted faith these warriors have in the Emperor, and in no way related to any otherworldly abilities these warriors may or may not possess.

With these warriors at our side, victory is assured.****


Thought for the Day:
‘Alone, we stand as bastions of strength. But when we fight side by side, we are a fortress of faith that no foe can overcome.’

* We remind you that inquisitiveness is the first step on the road to heresy*****

** An oath that several of you should consider. We’re looking at you, Guardsman Perkins.

*** Again, this means you, Guardsman Perkins.

**** which of course, it was already, but it never hurts to be sure.

***** Apart from for Inquisitors, of course.