Listen up, Guardsmen,

Today, we bring you a lesson in tolerance – specifically of abhuman auxiliaries*, some of whom you may find yourself fighting alongside in the coming campaign.

As you well know, the Imperium is a diverse and inclusive** society made up of the many rich cultures of mankind’s million worlds. Some of these worlds, while populated, exhibit climates, gravity and environments that deviate quite some way from old-Terran norms. On many of these planets, the populations have developed abhuman mutations to help them survive.

Rather than a negative, it should be celebrated that the human species continues to prove itself the most adaptable, hardy, intelligent and advanced species in the galaxy***.

Some mistrust of the mutant is of course to be expected – it can be tricky to distinguish between the benign mutations of natural adaption (the abhuman), and the corrupting influence of darker powers (the unsanctioned mutant).

However, the fine citizens over in the Adeptus Munitorum have helpfully provided you with this guide on how to approach each…


Recognisably of human descent, Ogryns are a valuable addition to the forces of the Astra Militarum, adding their muscle and might to the battle against the xenos and the heretic.

Ogryns, originate on high gravity planets. Though exact features vary from world to world, they are universally heavily muscled and considerably larger than the average human****. Orgryns are blessed of an Emperor given thickness, both in body and of mind. Though they may seem childlike of thought, they are loyal to a fault – making excellent assault troops and dependable bodyguards.


  • Use small words if any communication with these troops is required
  • Take advantage of the tactical shielding offered by such troops when under fire*****


  • Enclose them in confined spaces unsupervised.



Though lacking the strength and height of common humanity, the ratlings’ contributions to the war effort should not be underestimated. Ratlings make great infiltration troops, and are skilled marksmen – proof that the Emperor has a plan for all of us in this his great Imperium.


  • Treat these diminutive heroes with respect and courtesy


  • Leave any valuables unattended.
  • Rest your weapon on them as an aiming aid.



While the sanctioned abhumans, for all their differences, still display a semblance of honest humanity, those foul specimens mutated by the power of the Warp or xenos taint show no such nobility. Such creatures are to be despised and hunted at every opportunity.

Key signs to watch out for are additional arms, horns and scales – all obvious giveaways of the taint of corruption.


  • Be prepared to fire upon such degenerates when ordered. Don’t think of them as humans – their existence is a continued heresy against the Emperor.


  • Fraternise, talk to, or look too long upon the mutant lest the taint of corruption spread to you!

This guide has been extremely helpful. You are now able to go forward with a renewed spirit of unity and make war on the heretic, together.

Thought for the day:
‘We all do our part in the Emperor’s great work.’


* You should not extend your tolerance further.
** Within Munitorum and Ecclesiarchy parameters, or course. All others are heretics – burn them!
*** This superiority is clear to see for any who have ever encountered a xenos species.
**** Distinction should be made between Ogryns, and warriors from death worlds such at Catachan – failure to do so, may result in Catachan-fang-related injury.
***** Hide behind them, preferably the ones carrying large shields.