Great news, Guardsmen,

The Imperium will soon be adding one more planet to it’s glorious domain, and you and your regiment will have the honour of ushering it into the warm embrace of the Emperor’s Light.

As you may have heard, you will soon be taking part in a Planetary Onslaught operation.

This means that you will be dropping from mid-orbit into a live combat zone, and are expected to clear a beachhead, assault an enemy strongpoint – breaching your way into the enemy capital – before fighting street-to-street to clear the enemy city of the foe.

All in a day’s* work for a heroic soldier of the Astra Militarum such as yourself.

Firstly though, comes the drop.

You will be deployed to the planet in a Tetrarch class heavy lander. These sturdy vessels have served the armies of humanity since the age of the Great Crusade** – what they may lack in manoeuvrability, basic aerodynamics, heat shielding, re-entry vibration dampeners, and seat belts, they make up for with a noble and venerable machine spirit that can relied upon, without fail, to get you to your destination***.


For those of you for whom this is your first planetary assault, these safety tips will help you:


  • Try not to eat immediately before launch. You’ll be too excited.
  • Always wear your seat belt where one is available. Drop ships can reach accelerations of over 10 g, so if your muster position doesn’t have a seat belt, firmly grip the handrail provided.
  • In the event the engines die mid drop, don’t worry – you were going down anyway. This will not impede your arrival, only alter the manner of it.
  • In the event of an emergency landing, the Tetrarch will hit the planet with the force of a small asteroid – so bend your knees.


An orbital insertion can be daunting, but as you drop towards the planet below, just think forward to the glorious victory parade that awaits you at the conclusion of the war, as the oppressed people of this world welcome their conquering heroes.****

Some of you have asked about options for Drop Pod deployment, like the mighty Adeptus Astartes you may have read about. The Adeptus Munitorum has conducted extensive tests on this and judged that, due to the extreme force that must be endured in this type of insertion, it is not suitable for non-augmented humans, particularly where those humans required their internal organs to be functional after landing.

Thought for the Day:
‘Only the awkward question; only the foolish ask twice.’

* Note: Despite the implication of this colloquialism, planetary compliance is estimated at 17 years. Don’t worry though. We don’t expect you will be taking part in much of it.
** Sometimes literally
*** The planet’s surface – condition of cargo not guaranteed.
**** Note: This planet’s culture has been deemed heretical. Population unlikely to attend the victory parade in high numbers.