Congratulations Guardsman, you’ve been promoted.

Having lost contact with the regiment’s sniper platoon*, you are being drafted in to replace them**. Full mission briefing will be at first light. For now, it is vital that you read this target acquisition and priority guide taken from the sniper’s handbook.

As a sniper, your role will be to identify and eliminate the warlords and commanders in the enemy army.

The Arch Enemy’s forces are disorganized and anarchic, making the identification of key enemy personnel tricky, but it is essential. You are not permitted to waste precious sniper rounds*** on rank and file troops.  

1) Target’s helm is adorned with skulls

Particularly deranged individuals have an unhealthy fascination with skulls. Helpfully, though, these targets are easy to bait into a trap. Simply find a skull**** and leave it where you would like the target.


When the target stops to inspect the skull, you’ll have an easy shot. Distant targets of this nature can also be lured to the kill-spot by laying a long trail of skulls from their position to where you want them. To save on time, we’d suggest spacing the skulls about three strides apart.


2) Target is stood on a ‘disc’ and wields a primitive stick

Abnormally stupid, these so called sorcerers opt not to travel to battle in armoured vehicles but rather glide along on discs. Raised above the masses, they make easy targets for a skilled marksmen, and they sometimes travel in groups. Take them all out.


3) Target has wings and stands taller than three men

In their arrogance, some Chaos champions have opted to make themselves even easier to hit. Getting head shots on these lumbering brutes is a simple matter.*****

4) Target has ridiculous top-knot and oversized claw

You’ve spotted one of the leaders of the Black Legion – good job trooper.

Target this character with extreme prejudice. Note, hits on the topknot are unlikely to be fatal, so do still target the head.

That’s it for now trooper. We’ll see you at dawn.

Good hunting.

Thought for the Day:
‘Identify your target. Concentrate your fire on it to the exclusion of all else. When it is destroyed, choose another target. That is the way to secure victory!’

*For now, we are assuming they have just become exceptionally good at hiding.
**Unfortunately, while we do have spare bodies, namely you, we do not have any spare equipment. You will not be furnished with any specialist supplies. But…
***Good news! As our allocation of sniper rifles is still missing in action, along with the last squad, you can shoot at whomever you like as we have plenty of the standard rounds that your regular rifle uses.
****If this proves difficult, you are likely too far away from the war zone. Return immediately.
*****Note: some larger Chaos creatures have multiple heads. For best results – target them all simultaneously.