Listen up troopers,

With the continued proliferation of the Arch-enemy, and the arrival of overwhelming xenos forces, this war zone has been re-classified to Engagement Level: Maximus. The Inquisition, and their forces, will be arriving imminently to take command and provide tactical oversight. To ease the transition and ensure we are combat ready without delay, they have sent the following transmissions:



Loyal sons of Mankind, now is the hour to prove you are worthy of the Emperor’s blessing. The Arch-enemy have summoned allies ancient beyond reckoning and bound these foul creature to their very weapons. Should you encounter such wargear, do not touch it, or your soul will be forfeit. These artefacts should immediately be put to flame and purified with litanies of destruction. A complement of fully sanctified Adepta Sororitas will be on station to aid you and purify any such items.*

– Inquisitor Ivon Gerat, Ordo Malleus



Guardsmen, this sector must not fall. We must use every tool at our disposal to turn the tide of war. The Arch-enemy’s weapons are powerful indeed. Notify me at once should you uncover a blade that speaks with its own voice or burns with unnatural fire. Such tools must be put to the Emperor’s work. Your vigilance will be rewarded. Furthermore, we will utilise any aid where it is presented. Though they may appear hostile, the xenos have a larger role to play here. Under no circumstances are you to fire upon the xenos forces. We must act carefully to use them to our advantage.

– Inquisitor Alders Terhan, Ordo Hereticus



Prepare yourselves, men. We will attack at once, removing the xenos stain before turning our attention to the Arch-enemy. Any hesitation will be seen as a sign of weakness, and worse, sympathy for the alien foe. But fear not, you will not live long enough to regret your inaction, for travelling with me are the Deathwatch, and their fury will brook no second chances.

– Inquisitor Leith Pytov, Ordo Xenos


Failure to comply with any of these instructions will result in summary execution. If you are at all unclear, report immediately to your regimental Commissar who will provide swift clarity.

See you on the battlefield.

Though for the Day:
‘Against the Alien and the Traitor there is no fair way to fight.’

*along with anyone who has has been in contact with them.