Greetings Guardsmen,

Today’s news comes from Cadia, where everything is fine, and where you’ll be redeployed to with immediate effect.

As many of you know, Cadia is the fortress world of the Cadian Gate – a shining bastion of light that stands sentinel over the best warp route for light-years around.

It watches over the Ocularis Terribus, also known as the Eye of Terror – so named as those inside are all terrified to turn their eyes towards the Imperium and Cadia, for fear of the righteous wrath that would fall upon them were the Imperium ever to deem them worthy of destruction.


Occasionally, particularly brave or foolish fleets have been known to tentatively spill from the Eye of Terror and then, in a panic, attack Cadia. To this date, they have never succeeded in breaching the iron defences of the world, and they never will.

We have recently received word that such a fleet is inbound to Cadia, likely another fragmentary rabble of degenerates and traitors. You are being shipped to Cadia, as such an invasion represents a unique chance to witness the glorious Cadian armed forces in battle, and not in any way because they need reinforcing.*

You are being sent there to witness and learn from such visionary commanders as, Lord General Troskzer, Knight Commander Pask, and maybe even the legendary Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed. Over 1,000 other regiments, several Space Marine Chapters and a dozen Imperial Knight households will be joining you for this learning opportunity.


So, in summary. Everything is fine on Cadia. You’re being deployed there immediately, but that is great, because everything is fine and you might get to meet a Hero of the Imperium.

Thoughts for the Day:
‘Cadia Stands! It will stand until the Eye burns cold.’
– Major Lord Castellan Creed**

*Though you will be required to take part in potentially deadly combat situations
**Paraphrased for dramatic effect.