Greetings Guardsmen,

We hope you are enjoying your posting on Cadia, where everything is fine and will be forever.

We have heard some disturbing rumours of late that several of you have reported sightings of a suspected xenos creature on Cadia – specifically, a Necron.

Such talk is, of course, laughable. Mankind is the only sentient race with the courage and fortitude to endure under the unkind gaze of the Ocularis Terribus. Cadia’s so called “Man of Iron” is no more real than the night-shadows of Mandragorae or the Deathleaper of Medusa V.

You are most likely witnessing one of the many dutiful priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus, who have recently been assigned to Cadia for completely routine maintenance of the planet’s entire defence system, in preparation for the continuation of everything being fine. For those unaccustomed to fighting alongside such beings, they can seem a little odd and inhuman at first, but their augmentations are entirely sanctified, and in no way alien*. Once you get to know them, they are all most agreeable folk.


In fact, extensive studies have found no trace of any xenos influence on Cadia, or its surrounding moons, at all.**

There had been speculation once that the pylons may have in some way been the ruins of an ancient alien empire. This has been proven false. We are happy to share with your the findings of renowned Xeno Biologis Orthion Casus*** upon completing his survey**** of the planet Cadia circa 939.M41.

‘Upon completing a detailed and exhaustive survey of Cadia, I can state with confidence that the “pylons” on its surface are in fact not of xenos origin, but a natural byproduct of Cadia’s unusual – but entirely natural – geological processes. I am happy to conclude that Cadia’s first settlement by any sentient race was therefore during the Great Crusade, almost 10,000 years ago, resulting in the fine and upstanding human population we find there today.’

Well there you have it, Trooper.

Conclusive proof that Cadia is free of xenos taint.

You may now continue your intense preparation for the imminent continuation of Cadia being fine.


Thought for the Day:
‘To know the xenos is to hate the xenos.’

* To suggest otherwise is heresy. Report to your Regimental Commissar if you have transgressed.
** See above.^
***hurd Author of the popular research journals ‘Hrud Migrations: Nature’s great plague’, and the partially completed ‘There are no Wolves on Fenris’, ended prematurely following the untimely death of Xeno Biologis Orthion Casus in an unfortunate mauling incident.
**** Survey in part financed by the Munitorum Department for Correct and Proper Information Distribution and Moral Uplifting (or MDCPIDMU for short).