We have been hearing reports recently of Eldar sighted across the galaxy bearing new and previously unseen heraldry and uniforms. Normally, we wouldn’t deal with something as trivial as xenos dress-code, but reports have been so numerous that we thought it appropriate.

autarch.jpgThe Eldar are a strange and fickle race, with little sense of fashion or beauty as we would understand it. The garish riot of colour favoured by their repellant dancer-class speaks to that.


Obviously, there are relatively few experts on the Eldar culture within the Imperium – most of our scholars dedicate themselves to far more worthy pursuits* – but we did speak to xeno-biologis Adept-minoris Haerathesian Vraan who had this to say:

‘It’s certainly true that Astra Militarum Regiments have in recent weeks seen an increase in sightings of the these new crimson-clad xenos warriors. This phenomena does not seem isolated to any specific location, and we’ve had reports from Segmentums Ultima, Pacificus and even the cradle worlds of Segmentum Solar.

Quite what would inspire such a shift in ritual fashion trends is not yet clear. Eldar culture is a rich and varied** conglomeration of several sub-factions, and the inter-play and symbolism between them is sometimes hard for outsiders to track.

My own theory is that this change in colour scheme we are seeing represents an important time in the ancient Aeldari’s meta-annual cycle – perhaps the birthday of some Eldar hero or royalty, or maybe it marks the beginning of the Eldar Year of the Cockatrice? What has been reported as “fireworks” sighted near the last known location of Craftworld Biel-Tan lends further credence to my theory.’

So there you have it, Guardsmen. The pernicious Eldar are just engaged in some deviant xenos celebration. Standing Astra Militarum orders on engaging such creatures remains the same.***

Thought for the day:
‘Trust not in their appearance, for the Eldar are as alien to good, honest men as the vile Tyranids and savage Orks.’


* The correct process for the lighting of machine-calming incense, for example.
** Ignore this. The Ordo Xenos assures us Eldar culture is barbarism thinly-veiled in ceremony. Nothing like the noble and wholesome culture of the Imperium.
*** A swift las-volley, followed by a bayonet charge.