Ok Guardsmen, settle down.

I’m sure you’re all very excited by the news that one of the Emperor’s sons has returned to us, we all are, but we must remind you – we all still have jobs to do.

We have received multiple request in the past week for on-tour regiments to re-route to join the forces of the Avenging Son. Your requests have been duly noted, fully considered and logged and rejected by the Munitorum logisticians. This is partly because we aren’t exactly sure where he is*, but mostly because you haven’t fully secured victory in your own war zones yet. We remind you that victory is the Emperor’s right, and any found hampering or delaying this will be treated as heretics.

To maintain your spirits, here are some words from the Primarch himself, that were definitely recorded from him upon his reawakening.

“Greetings soldiers of the Imperium,

Through your tireless efforts, the Imperium has endured.

It warms my heart to see the spirit and soul of my father’s empire undiminished after the passage of ten millennia.

Seeing your faith and devotion to my father, the God-Emperor, redoubles my own belief and fills me with certainty that we have within us the strength to conquer any foe that may rise to face us.

Long live the Imperium, and long live the holy church of the God-Emperor, and the Ecclesiarch in particular.”

– Roboute Guilliman

So there you have it – straight from the Primarch himself**.

We have also heard some completely unfounded rumours that the resurrection of the holy Primarch was in some way aided by the pestiferous Eldar. Such a claim is, of course, outrageous and categorically false. No xenos have set foot on Macragge since the last Tyranid bio-form was obliterated at the successful conclusion of the Tyrannic War. He almost certainly woke from his slumber as a result of our fervent prayers and the great successes we recently achieved in the Cadia Sector.

To summarise:
Yes, Roboute Guilliman has returned. No, you can’t join a pilgrimage crusade to see him. Yes, he thinks we’ve all done a great job for the last 10,000 years, and yes, this is in all likelihood the start of a glorious new golden age for all of humanity.

To help remind you of this, please print and post this inspiring pict in your regimental barracks.



Thought for the Day:
‘Belligerence allied to faith can move a mountain.’

* Knee deep in the slain foes of the Emperor no doubt, somewhere between Macragge and Terra on his holy pilgrimage to the throne world.
** Paraphrased slightly for religious realignment.