Great news, Soldiers,

You will soon be joined in your war zone by none other than the Emperor’s own personal guard – the legendary Adeptus Custodes.

The returned Primarch, and newly reinstated supreme commander of the armies of the Imperium, Lord Guilliman, has dictated that these peerless warriors be assigned to key war zones, such as yours.

Now, you may be thinking that such a deployment might represent a desperate redistribution of strength that leaves the throne world itself relatively unguarded – we can assure you this is not the case. This deployment represents the supreme confidence the Primarch and the High Lords have that the enemies of our Imperium have never been further from assailing the walls of Terra, and they have decided that the time is right to let the glorious golden guard of the Emperor stretch their legs a bit.

While in some ways similar to the mighty Space Marines many of you may have been fortunate enough to witness in action in our last war zone placement, there are many things that set these warriors apart: for instance, they are much shinier.

There are a few things you should be aware of when fighting alongside these glorious warriors:

  • Don’t address them by name! The Adeptus Custodes have notoriously long and complex names, and any attempt to address them as such is not appropriate for battlefield deployment*. ‘My Lord’, or ‘Sir’ will suffice.
  • Stop trying to take picts with them!  We are aware that you may, in all likelihood, wish for a memento of the day you were deployed alongside one of the Emperor’s finest in battle to show your grandchildren**, but please stop posing next to them for picts. To satisfy this need, we have provided an inspirational poster for your regimental barracks. (Note: It is not advisable to ask a Custodian Guard to sign your poster.)


  • Do not talk to, prod, distract or otherwise harass the Adeptus Custodes. Contrary to the popular belief that the Custodian Guard will not move an inch for anything less than a direct attack on them or their ward while on guard duty, we can assure you that they absolutely will.***

There you have it, Guardsmen.

With such god-like warriors deployed alongside you, how can you fail?

Thought for the day:
‘To die alongside heroes, is to live in the light of the Emperor.’

* See the case of Colonel Valiarch of the Valhallan XXXVI who’s insistence upon formal address of his attached Custodian Guard Squad meant his request for reinforcements took three days longer than expected to complete – needless to say, at great cost to his regiment.
** Note, due to the irradiated nature of your war zone, this is unlikely anyway.
*** With terminal results. This does not count as martyrdom.