Great news, Guardsmen,

Following your recent reassignment to the Armageddon war zone, we thought this would be a great time to refresh your training on industrial and urban warfare. We are very lucky to be joined today by none other than Lieutenant Tyna Ulanti of the Necromunda XXXVIth, aka – the Hell-Hive Tigers. Her invaluable experience will help to make you all dedicated urban warfare specialists.


Armageddon  –  a burning hellhole of promethium factories, rivers of toxic sludge and hulking brutes swinging oversized axes – this planet sure knows how to make a girl feel at home. For you country folk though, you’ll need a bit of help to survive in the big city.

Here’s a few things to remember when you kids make it to the sprawl:

Check Your Corners
War in a hive means a chance of ambush around every corner. As you advance, check every alley, crevice, and hidey hole for ambushers. Easier said than done on your eighteenth day trudging through a multi-level refinery complex where every walkway, container and bulkhead can hide an enemy. Stay alert, and stay alive.

Stick Together
Don’t even think about saying “split up to cover more area”. Those are very popular last words for a lot of dead men. Stay in your fireteams. That way, when you do get ambushed (see above), at least the enemy might shoot the other guys first.

Everything Is Trying to Kill You.
The hive is not your friend.

You may think you’re on an Imperial world, so you can relax your guard or rely on backup, but don’t be fooled – you’ve never been in more danger. Mutie-rats, toxic sewer-slime, infected drinking water, rad storms, flesh-shredding dust-devils and more will try to kill you long before you find your first enemy combatant. Stay alert, stay on your guard, and if you’re lucky, you might live long enough for the enemy to kill you first.

Also, apparently there are something like, a bazillion Orks on Armageddon? Don’t worry though. The hive is pretty deadly for those guys too, so some will have probably died by the time you get there. It’s not like they can grow new ones out of the ground. No, wait – can they? Was that Hrud? I forget. Anyway – you boys enjoy your posting.

Thanks Lieutenant, valuable advice, we’re sure.

We hope you were all paying attention, as you have just been assigned to xenos ‘cleanse and control’ Kill Teams as, having served with the Guard for over a month now*, you are some of our most experienced veterans.

Give ‘em hell out there.

Thought for the day:
‘There will be no retreat from Hades Hive.** We will fight to the end.’

For more advice on surviving hostile Urban combat environments, re-read our advice on death worlds, replacing all mention of “jungle” with factory, and all mentions of “wildlife” with “thousands of bloodthirsty Orks”.

* We are aware that this time has entirely been spent in transit to this war zone.
** Inspirational quote out of date due to xenos-induced celestial re-cartographing. Replace with “Helsreach”.