Greetings soldier,

Today we take another look at your trusty lasgun.

Some of you may have heard tell of the report of brave Trooper Perkins, whose lone, well-aimed lasgun shot took down a rampaging enemy Helbrute.*

Yes, it is of course completely possible to take down any foe with the mighty lasgun: king of weapons.

The lasgun is a feared and deadly firearm, and the envy of non-Imperial infantry across the galaxy. While not strictly advisable to use in an anti-armour role, in the likely event that the disciplined fire of your platoon has already accounted for all enemy infantry forces within range, you will be authorised to open fire on enemy vehicle assets.

In this example, we consider the Ork Stompa – as detestable a conglomeration of heretical alien technology as you are ever likely to face. Consider its weak points – visible missiles, open ammunition caches, poorly armoured fire ports – all easy targets for a disciplined marksman to exploit. Calmly hold your ground, choose your target, and cripple the brute with a well-placed shot. Repeat this process until the foe is no longer a threat.**


Note that, while a single lasgun is, of course, capable of taking down such a brute, it is still not advisable to take one on alone. We would recommend you secure some support before attempting to face a foe of this class.***

There you have it, Guardsmen. We hope we have redoubled your faith in your blessed lasgun.

Thought for the day:
‘Do not ask how you may give your life for the Emperor. Ask instead how you may give your death.’

* Actual post-battle analysis now reveals the likely cause of the Helbrute’s death was the volley of meltagun shots from the Catachan Veteran Squad concealed nearby, and in fact, Perkins not only missed his one shot, he was immolated in the ensuing explosion as the Helbrute’s reactor blew. Still, what a hero.
** Note: The estimated number of lasgun shots required to destroy the example enemy war machine is several orders of magnitude higher than the number of charges supplied in a single lasgun. Additional ammunition, and/or lasguns, may be required.
*** Such as a battalion of several thousand Guardsmen, some heavy weapons support, an artillery barrage and an orbital bombardment.