Greetings Guardsmen,

The dastardly forces of the Arch-enemy are getting desperate it seems.
Unable to best the might of the Imperium’s armies in a fair fight, they have resorted to underhanded methods – in this case, bio-daemonic infection.

Cleanliness is, as you know, next to wrathfulness, and a good Guardsman should always maintain a good state of personal hygiene. But with increased reports of the contagion-bearing Death Guard Heretic Astartes in your war zone, you should be especially careful. Here are some handy (and mandatory) guidelines to ensure you and your squad remain free from infection and taint.

  • Ensure all battlefield wounds are dressed* correctly and covered, preferably in bandages bearing the holy blessings of Saint Aurilia of the Ordo Hospitalier.**
  • Only drink water from Adeptus-biologis blessed and approved sources***
  • Regular prayer will reinforce your immune system so that you may repel infection as easily as the Skitarii-manned defence guns of an Imperator Titan repel enemy infantry attacks.
  • When facing possible infected, or even daemonic foes, be sure to destroy them at range rather than let them get close.****


While we are sure that all Guardsmen in this war zone will do their best not to get infected, some less pious soldiers may lack the necessary fortitude to resist infection. You should be on the lookout for signs of blight-pox. Symptoms include pallid skin, boils, nausea, the tri-cursed mark and cannibalism.

If you believe yourself or a squad member to be infected, report them to your Regimental Commissar immediately.

Together, we can fight contagion!*****

Thought for the day:

“Purge the unclean.”

* Perkins Jr, Note: this does not just mean “under a sleeve”
** Or failing that, a Munitorum issue sock.
*** Located next to the Ogryn auxilia latrine. DO NOT GET THESE CONFUSED!
**** Do not lick the little squidgy ones, they are not lucky!
***** It is not actually recommended to congregate in the event of infection.