As you read this Guardsmen, a glorious new age is dawning – a new age of retribution, wrath and unparalleled opportunity for heroism.

We know that many of you have had a busy few weeks, what with incursions of the Archenemy’s forces, mild xenos predation and pirates and raiders of all stripes – well the fun ends now! It’s time to earn your uniform!*

If you have had a chance to look up to heavens in the past few moons, you will have noticed what appears to be a great rift in the sky. Fear not!


This rift marks an unprecedented chance for glory.

The emergence of the Great Rift, a large alpha+ category warp storm that cuts through the galactic core, heralds a new, exciting frontline in the battle against the heretic. Where previously, you might have to crusade all the way to the Eye of Terror for a chance to kill a genuine traitor, now that opportunity will be available to many, many more of you.

The Departmento Munitorum has commissioned a raft of new expeditions towards rift space that will drive back the flood of mutants, heretics, degenerates and monsters pouring from it.

Some of you may have heard alarming news that contact with troops on the far side of the Great Rift has been lost. This is nonsense –  the Adeptus Administratum informs us that everything is going just dandy on the far side of the rift, and the massed forces of the Imperium mobilised on both sides will crush the forces of the Archenemy between their advancing fronts.


Following what we expect to be a swift and total victory, astro-meteorologists expect the warp rift to blow over and normal business to resume in short order.

Thought for the day:

“The burden of failure is the most terrible punishment of all.”

*Figure of speech – the cost of your uniform is still deducted from your pay.