Stay calm, Guardsman!  

Reinforcements from the Adeptus Astartes have been deployed to your war zone – and you may have been lucky enough to meet them already! Whether you’ve stormed a hostile bastion – only to have found it strangely empty but for a pile of gory remains, or seen an entrenched enemy turn and flee seemingly out of nowhere, you’ve probably met the Reivers.

While the Adeptus Astartes know no fear, their enemies certainly do! The purpose of the Reivers is to exploit the cowardice of our enemies through the use of shock tactics and advanced training. You are unlikely to encounter any of these warriors directly, but should you find yourself face to face with a skull-faced giant in power armour in the middle of the night, welcome him with open arms – he is most likely a Reiver.*


While they may be grim in appearance, you have nothing to fear from these exemplary warriors of the Emperor – provided you follow the below advice at all times.**

Use Ear Protection!

Reivers disrupt the hearing of the enemy with vox-amplified war cries and audio-sonic weaponry. Unfortunately, the heresy corrupted eardrum of a traitor is not too dissimilar from the blessed but regrettably fragile eardrum of a loyal member of the Astra Militarum, such as yourself. Make sure to insert ear protection to guard yourself against aural damage – if none is provided, a pair of spare socks should suffice.***

Clear a Drop Zone!

If you are expecting Reiver support, make sure to establish a clear drop zone. If a drop zone cannot be cleared in time, attempt to drop to the floor to make a soft and level surface for the Reivers to land on.

Keep a Strong Mind and a Strong Stomach

Should you happen upon a squad of hostile infantry strung from the local foliage by their viscera, there is no need to be alarmed – this display is meant to intimidate the enemy, not you, and thus you have nothing to worry about. If any new recruits are disquieted by this, a warm cup of Tanna Tea followed by a reminder of the penalties for cowardice should be enough to steel even the most delicate of bowels.****

There you have it, Guardsman! The Reiver is your friend and your ally – just stay well out of his way.

Thought For the Day: There is nothing to fear but failure.

* If any of the following details are also present – red wings on the helmet, flayed hides, or a corona of daemonic lightning – immediately consult Volume 2 of the Infantryman’s Threat Identification Field Guide, 49th edition, section ref. 17.a66.4111 – Hereticus Majoris (revised)
** Where possible, a minimum safe distance of 13 feet is also recommended.
*** If you end up with permanent irreparable loss of hearing, worry not! There are exciting roles in the Astra Militarum just for you. For more information, please consult uplifting pamphlet 114//c: “You What? – The Artillery Crewman’s Guide to Sign Language”.
**** Please note that vomiting on the battlefield is punishable by flogging on grounds of wasting valuable rations.