Attention Guardsman!

As you know, the Ultramarines are among the Imperium’s greatest heroes, and you will have the opportunity to fight alongside them in the coming days – just one of the many benefits of your deployment to Ultramar. While we understand this is exciting, there are certain guidelines you are encouraged to follow in order to ensure cohesion between your regiment and the Adeptus Astartes, so that we may liberate Konor as swiftly as possible:


1: Be Patient

The Space Marine way of war is to strike as hard as possible where they are most needed. As such, it falls to you to fill in other, more mundane, battlefield duties. Rest assured that while the holding of a munitions depot for a period of weeks may not be material for a thrilling adventure serial*, it is just as important to the Imperial war effort as slaying a rampaging Ork Warboss or defeating a servant of the Archenemy in single combat.

2: Trust in Your Wargear (and not the wargear of your betters)

Do not offer to trade your lasgun for a Cawl-pattern bolt rifle. While the bolt rifle is a miracle of the Adeptus Mechanicus’ art, your lasgun is a worthy weapon with many charms. For example, you can affix many exciting accessories to it, like a flashlight,** or a bayonet. Besides, the most prestigious marksmen in your regiment will be rewarded with increased firepower by assignment to a Special Weapons Squad, plasma division. ***

3: Know your (Many) Limits

Many of the strategies used by the Ultramarines are designed for the Adeptus Astartes and should not be emulated. For example, carrying a heavy weapon with a team of fewer than two men is not recommended – without your fellows, who would be on hand to carry spare ammunition, or your Munitorum-issue entrenchment kit, or the bags and coat of your Commissar?****

4:  They Shall Know No Fear – and neither shall you

In combat, the Ultramarines will fall back to draw their enemies into deadly traps and perform brutal feints. While these manoeuvres are impressive, you are not permitted to fall back unless specifically ordered to. “I saw the Ultramarines do it.” is not an excuse for cowardice.

Compliance with these guidelines will ensure a swift victory in the Konor System over the forces of the Archenemy, and your regiment has been issued with 13 miniature Roboute Guilliman busts to be awarded to those of you who follow them most closely/survive.*****

Thought for the Day: If you cannot speak well of your master, be silent!

* Until now – report to your commander for your exclusive first issue of Private Rip Radley and the Munitorum Armoured Containers. It has 50 action-packed pages of stoic, unmoving action and unflinching obedience to patrol guidelines.
** Referring to a weapon equipped in this way as “twin linked” is punishable by flogging.
*** Frequent complainers will also be assigned to a plasma weapons squad.
**** We don’t care if you saw Gunnery Sergeant Harker do it. Sergeant Harker is capable of tearing a Ravener in two with his bare hands, then beating another Ravener to death with those halves, then winning a regimental chin-up contest afterwards.
***** While this may not seem like enough for a regiment of 3,000 men, we can assure you that even by generous post-combat projections it should more than suffice.