Get ready for war, Guardsman! The Regimental Standard has one purpose – to keep the brave fighting men and women of the Astra Militarum completely informed about goings on around the Imperium. For the duration of the campaign in Konor, we’ll be joining you in the war zones where the fighting is thickest, keeping you up to date with the latest Imperial victories.


Our roving reporter, Officer (Scriptor Class) J. Derych writes:

I’ve just landed on Astaramis, via the Praxima Skyport – the planet’s best* transit hub! I was lucky enough to catch the Ultramarines in action right away – indeed, with almost constant fighting, I’ve been spoilt for acts of courage and desperate bravery to write about. There are few places in the Imperium with such concentrated heroism.

The rest of the planet is still the beautiful metropolis it always was – indeed, aggressive combustive deconstruction has allowed for some valuable insights into imperial architecture, and I managed to get a perfect view of a cross-section of an Imperial defence tower just yesterday (before the other half of it collapsed). The assault of the Archenemy has yet to breach the inner city and has, in fact, done a lot to clear out some of the unsightly shanty-towns in the outer rings, giving those who lived there an exciting new opportunity to relocate. If anything, the ground is now clear for future redevelopment once we recapture the planet.

As the main supplier of bolt shells and manpower to the rest of the sector, we’re never short of ammunition – or enemies to test them on – and the forges here are working full time to make sure the warriors on the front don’t run dry.

I’ve even had the chance to make the pilgrimage to Saviour’s Landing – several times, in fact, as it falls in and out of our control almost every day. The grandeur of this temple district is diminished neither by frequent visits nor an increasing volume of corpses; indeed, it only serves to add to the gravitas of the place. All that’s changed is that more heroes of the Imperium are buried here than before – albeit a little roughly in some cases.


Top tip, fellow Guardsmen – it turns out that hiding on the top of a hab-block is less safe than you may think, and the war machines of the Archenemy are very, very good at climbing. If you’re lost and looking for the front line, just walk in any direction and you should find it – there’s no danger of missing out on the action here.

I’ve not had much of a chance to talk to any of the brass about strategy, but it seems we are currently trying to lull the enemy into a false sense of security by allowing them to take vast swathes of territory, including where we’re currently based. I’m always impressed by the genius of Imperial High Command.

Do you want the chance to be interviewed by the Regimental Standard? Are you in the forces liberating Astaramis? Come to the Regimental Standard Field Offices** in the Industrial Sector – bring along all your friends! And possibly a plasma gun.***

Sounds like an exciting opportunity, Guardsman! We’ll check back in with Officer Derych**** next week for the latest instalment of the Konor war diaries.

* It’s also the only remaining skyport.
** Past the line of barricades, in sewer sub-section 144/c Alpha. The password is “Imperator”. You may need to break through an enemy blockade or two, which, in balance, will be great material for your interview.
*** I need one. For an article I’m writing.
**** Or his replacement.