With a victory on Astaramis imminent, we’ve decided to reward our roving reporter for his hard work with another assignment – this time on the world of Konor:


I’ve been reassigned to Konor itself! It’s a great opportunity to see the heart of industry in the realm of Ultramar* up close as such a privilege is usually reserved for servants of the Adeptus Mechanicus, forge-menials, and servitors. Luckily, after several days of tunnel fighting, I can safely say I’ve seen a lifetime’s worth of manufactorums – and I’m informed that, with no sign of the enemy assault abating, I’m going to get to see plenty more!

I’ve been stationed with a group of Savlar Chem Dog close-quarters specialists. It’s amazing how diverse the regiments of the Astra Militarum are, and these guys really know how to make a good cup of recaff! I’m assured that it’s made exactly according to regimental requirements and that I should be able to sleep again in a few days.**

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to deploy in force; intervening rivers of molten metal and promethium have proved discouraging to a good old fashioned bayonet charge, although one memorable encounter saw a regiment of Death Korps soldiers give it a go. It turns out that the Korps aren’t ones to let a little thing like “being on fire” get in their way, and a burning Krieg grenadier is surprisingly effective at close quarters.***


It seems that in their desperation to claim this planet, the forces of the Archenemy have been forced to pull together warriors from a variety of different sources. The degeneracy of our opponents’ methods is unspeakable. I’ve seen skull-faced warriors tear men limb from limb and use horrific terror tactics, hundreds of human soldiers driven like a living shield before our guns, and whole regiments forced back by rippling waves of psychic force. Luckily, we were relieved before long by a combined force of Reivers, Conscripts, and Wyrdvane Psykers from the Adeptus Astra Telepathica – truly, a unified Imperial assault is something to behold!

I’m assured by High Command that the Heretic Astartes are relatively small in number. If so, most of them must be here. I’m certain they’ll stop deploying soon. If official Imperial estimates are correct, there should be only a few dozen Traitor Space Marines left in existence. This would mean that at current figures, we’ve inflicted 6000% casualties, which is excellent news.****


Unfortunately, the transmission cuts out there. Good luck, Officer Derych! We here at the Regimental Standard wish we could join you.

Thought for the day – Belligerence allied to faith can move a mountain.

* Until recently. Aggressive supply chain restructuring in response to recent events has resulted in most of the material produced on Konor being expended on Konor. On the upside, this has saved countless man hours of requisition paperwork.
** As an unrelated aside, all units serving alongside the Savlar Chem Dogs are to complete a mandatory course on treating accidental frenzon overdoses.
*** Please note that while we commend the valour of such a gesture, it tends to render your lasgun and uniform irrecoverable, as well as significantly reducing your responsiveness to command during/after self-immolatory forward action. Please remove any non-flame resistant items and hand them to your nearest representative of the Departmento Munitorum before attempting such a manoeuvre.
**** If these numbers seem inconsistent, please report to your Commissar for attempting mental mathematics without proper permission.