Greetings, Guardsman! It has been deemed tactically prudent to allow Drenthal to fall into the hands of the Archenemy while we consolidate our forces elsewhere.* In the meantime, you and your regiment have been reassigned to Loebos, where our roving reporter has provided a handy dossier that should help in the conflicts to come on this world:


Loebos was once an Aeldari maiden world – a misleading term for those worlds that they leave woefully under-colonised due to primitive superstitions. A world of this nature could easily hold several billion intrepid Imperial colonists in above-ground warrens alone, with at least 15% of this population experiencing unprecedented luxury-like access to natural light. Luckily, our bold soldiers were able to quickly drive the Aeldari from the planet without trouble – a pack of long-haired tree-witches riding lizards and other wild beasts is no match for the tanks of the Imperial Guard – whether or not they had a so called “world-spirit” on their side! Unfortunately, the first colonists to Loebos proved to lack the requisite grit to colonise the planet, due to both the flora and fauna of the planet inconveniently developing an insatiable appetite for human flesh.**

It would seem that the superstition that infected the Aeldari who dwelt on Loebos has also infected the Death Guard. While we stoically defend key Imperial sites, our enemy is nowhere to be seen! Instead, they have focused their efforts on assaulting the Aeldari ritual site of Menharius – a wraithbone circle they think possesses profound mystical powers. As we all know, the power of the witch is nothing to the faithful man, and, if I may be so bold, I would suggest that Imperial High Command ignore this site – after all, grapple-weed and venomgorse is just as deadly to the traitor as it is to the loyalist.

Similarly, the Death Guard have already suffered major losses on the world. Without the guiding hand of the Adeptus Mechanicus, their vessels are in a sorry state, having been reduced to rotting hulks, several have already broken up of their own accord in orbit above the planet. While there are rumours that the forces of the Archenemy have done so deliberately, we can’t for the life of the Emperor think of why they might want to – this is nonsense of the highest order.

You may be called to fight in the remains of one of these hulks during the campaign on Loebos – remember to follow the 3 key procedures of ship fighting and you’ll be fine:

  1. Don’t communicate with your fellows – it’s already dark aboard a ship, and they do not need their senses further distracted!
  2. Split up as soon as possible – covering as much ground as possible is crucial in shipboard fighting, and you won’t be able to do so when cowering in single file.
  3. Focus on long-ranged weaponry – the corridors of a vessel are perfect firing lanes, and weapons like flamers and shotguns are simply too hazardous in a close-quarters environment.

Some of you may be asking how I survived my last engagement! It was quite simple – I kept my faith in the Emperor, and anyone suggesting that I’ve been acting in any way strangely lately is demonstrating an alarming – dare I say, heretical? – level of disbelief in our divine protector. Once the Alphic Hydras arrived, we were quickly able to repel the forces of the enemy by engaging them in close combat – an easy matter once we had removed our cumbersome chem-protective gear! The experience was harrowing, but I was able to master my surroundings quickly. The lack of a respirator, in particular, allowed me to fend off the enemy with furious oratory alone, and I would recommend you do the same if you are drawn into close combat here on Loebos.

Finally, you may have noticed more Adeptus Astartes around than usual! You’ve been lucky enough to be reinforced by a few experimental new companies of the Ultramarines – you’ll recognise them by their blue-green armour (specially coloured to camouflage them against the jungle, of course) and their scaly cloaks (made of the mutant enemies of the Imperium they hate so much). Don’t trouble your Commissar if you spot such a Space Marine moving around at night into “restricted” areas – as the Emperor’s finest warriors, they have absolute permission to go wherever they want and do as they please, and you should endeavour to follow any commands they give.***

I hope to see you on the battlefield soon Guardsmen – if you hear a cry of “For the Emperor!” in the thick of a firefight, you’ll know me – and my regiment – are right behind you.

Sounds like excellent news, Guardsman! We’re sure any of you would be lucky to be supported by a man with the courage and conviction of Officer Derych.


Thought for the day: “Excuses are the refuge of the weak”.

* Please note that talk suggesting the campaign is somehow “a fix” or that the results were decided ahead of time are seditious and will be dealt with as such.
** During your time on this world, it is recommended that you try to blend in as well as you can to avoid detection by the plant life by following camouflage procedure.
*** You are reminded that challenging a member of the Adeptus Astartes in the pursuit of his duties is punishable by flogging. Assuming you survive. Which isn’t likely.