Attention Guardsmen!

Welcome to your special souvenir “Victory on Konor” edition of the Regimental Standard! Cherish this newspaper for the rest of your life* – it is a reminder of your valiant efforts in the Konor System; it’s like a medal you can read.**

Here, we look back on what happened on each of the Konor System’s worlds:

Please note – as the Regimental Staff is currently at 98% effective casualties*** this edition was not completed. You are permitted to fill in this souvenir issue at your discretion.****


We hope you treasure this issue of the Regimental Standard always, Guardsman, and that you never forget what your heroic deeds have accomplished.*****


Worried about leaving the Konor System so soon? Fret not, Guardsman! While the majority of the enemy may have been defeated, there’s still plenty of work to be done – you and your regiment have been enlisted in cleanup operations, which should ensure opportunities for heroism for years to come!

* Current estimate: four standard months.
** And one that is much cheaper for the Munitorum to produce.
*** Congratulations to Print Servitor (Beta Class) Xi-Delta, the sole survivor from this regiment!
**** Souvenir issues will be subject to random spot checks in order to ensure compliance with official Imperial accounts.
***** Please note that your responsibility for the final victory is infinitesimally small, and, as with all things, you owe your continued survival to our holy Emperor and the tactical genius of Imperial High Command.