Attention Guardsman! We have good news and better news. The good news is that, following critical casualties, your regiment will be returning to full strength. The better news is that this will be accomplished by merging your regiment with the Catachan 784th Roaring Devils”.

Due to some mild cultural differences between your regiments, this may require some readjustment on your part. In particular, Catachan regiments are known for their rough turns of phrase and robust approach to authority figures. Thankfully, the Regimental Standard, with the aid of legendary Etiquette-Commissar Klaus Albericht, have provided a phrasebook in order to make this transition as smooth as possible.


“Emperor dammit, Guardsman! Clear the LZ before I make one for my boot on your [Expunged]!”
Please vacate the area for your own safety, and for that of your comrades!

“You hive-soft blue-blood! That plan’s dumber than a Catachan Devil – after I’ve sawed it’s head off!”
I respectfully disagree with your current course of action.

“Light the fething maggots up!”
I humbly petition the commander to authorise the use of flamer weapons.

“Who’s the new bolt-magnet?”
I notice the Wyrdvane Psykers have been reinforced!

“I’m not letting these toy soldiers get all the glory. Charge!”
Move to support the Militarum Tempestus with all due haste!

“Be very still. Spooks can smell fear and you reek of it, greenie”
Courage, comrade! The Lictor lurks – steel your heart.

Emperor’s teeth, hangman! You didn’t have to shoot him!
Commissar, as always I commend your course of action despite some mild discomfort.

“Ammo? The only guns we need are right here” (Usually followed by flexing)
I feel this enemy would be best confronted in close combat in order to conserve resources.

You’ll be speaking like a Catachan in no time, Guardsman! You have also been issued with a copy of the Catachan Crier, a mildly edited version of the Regimental Standard which is just as informative as this august publication – only with more advice on personal fitness and cooking.

Please note that your regimental absorption will mean immediate assignment to death world duty without the usual training – we recommend reading our ever-useful article on the matter, and following the example of your new comrades**

* Commissar Klaus Albericht’s works include The Complete Etiquette Guide for Dining with Mordians: Volume 1: Pre-dinner Drinks and Appetisers, The Complete Etiquette Guide for Dining with Mordians: Volume 2: Second and Third Courses, The Complete Guide to Combat with the Heretic Astartes When They Invade an Otherwise Superb Formal Mordian Dinner, and The Complete Etiquette Guide for Dining With Mordians Volume 3: Dessert, Brandy, and Commemorating the Fallen.

** Purely tactical. Emulating the manners or personal hygiene of the Catachans will be punished by flogging.