Attention, Guardsman! This is a special, officers-only edition of the Regimental Standard. In place of your required weekly reading, you are advised to field strip your lasgun while imagining potentially edifying publications you could be reading*.

RestrictedReading-Start1kAttention, Officer! Your regiment’s request for reinforcements has been granted. Due to recent casualties in war zones across the galaxy, trained troops are presently unavailable and thus you have been provided with Conscripts in their place.


Within the heart of every Guardsman is a lion, and the same is true of Conscripts – it just requires a little more coaxing. We recommend giving an inspiring speech before battle in a loud, clear voice. If the speech fails, simply repeat it, escalating in volume until the Conscripts seem duly inspired. If this still does not succeed, Commissars are specially trained to provide battlefield encouragement and should be able to make an Imperial hero out of even the most lily-livered of troops.



Unfortunately, bravery does not necessarily beget great tactical genius, and Conscripts are rarely recruited for their natural aptitude**. As such, we recommend not issuing any commands more complex than “advance” and “fire at will” – complicated manoeuvres can prove distressing to them in the heat of battle.



Conscripts are to be fielded in units of between 20 and 30 soldiers. In units of fewer than 20, Conscripts tend to panic quickly and feel isolated, while in larger formations, troopers towards the middle of the squad become idle, believing (falsely) that having several comrades between them and the enemy/their Commissar is a guarantee of safety.



When fielding Conscripts, the key is to keep all sentimentality from your mind. To be blunt, the construction and maintenance of a Leman Russ Battle Tank is a laborious process involving the combined efforts of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Departmento Munitorum. The recruiting of a Conscript involves putting a lasgun in the hands of a citizen and pointing them in the direction of the enemy. Be mindful of how your superiors will see the loss of one to preserve the other. Remember that rank is no shield from the gaze of the Emperor or His servants.



We hope you enjoyed this opportunity for reflection, Guardsman! While you may leave this Regimental Standard less informed that you would normally expect, remember – knowledge is to be feared!

Thought for the Day: “The Emperor asks only that you hate.”

* Some potential titles include:
– The Don’ts and Don’ts of Dealing with Mutants
– The Imperial Cult and the Art of Chainsword Maintenance
– Never Shake Hands With an Electro-Priest, And Other Advice For Fighting With The Adeptus Mechanicus
** For more information on recruitment criteria, please consult Uplifting Pamphlet 3017//D: Brave Heart, White Shield: A Four Item Checklist For Probitors