Attention, Guardsmen,

This week’s Regimental Standard – Correct Forms of Addressing Your Commissar in 51 Widely Recognised Imperial Languages* – has been cancelled. We know that being without your weekly reading must be greatly distressing, but thankfully, the great strength and efficiency of the Astra Militarum is as such that we have been able to procure a replacement at short notice.

The Krieg Chronicle is the premier informative pamphlet of the Death Korps and should more than suffice in satisfying your need for information you can use on the battlefield while providing you with an insight into the lives of your stalwart comrades. Should you ever find yourself stationed with the Death Korps, who knows – your learnings here could result in more effective cooperation in combat!**


Looks fascinating, Guardsman! For the full “Krieg Experience”, we’ll be dropping you into a siege war zone in 24 hours – we hope you read your copy of the Chronicle carefully.

Thought for the day: “Look to your labours and trust to your faith. All else is beyond you”.

* A moment of silence for Scriptor-Private Hackett, who now lies in the tomb of those killed in the writing of the Regimental Standard. We can only hope that his faith in life was such that he is writing informative articles with the Emperor now. May his death serve as both an inspiration and a solemn reminder to obey a Valhallan Commissar’s orders the first time they are given.
** Please note that actual fraternisation with Krieg Korpsmen is to be avoided. Culturally, anything more than a respectful nod as you go “over the top” is seen as crass sentimentality.