Attention, Guardsman!

While all of the xenos you will battle in your time in the Astra Militarum are vile, none are so repulsive as the Tyranids. This repugnant species is more intergalactic parasite than worthy enemy for the Imperium, and rest assured that they will be ground beneath the iron heel of the Imperium shortly – just as soon as we attend to a few other matters.

Tyranid tactics are deeply rudimentary, and generally boil down to four stages. Thankfully, the Regimental Standard is on hand with a guide to dealing with these vile beasts, regardless of how far you have allowed an invasion to progress.

Stage 1: “Invasion”


While this stage provides the least direct threat to your physical safety, it is the most important. Your absolute vigilance is required in spotting incoming Tyranid assault pods, vanguard organisms and potential civilian collaborators.

If possible, treat any imperial citizenry with even more scrutiny than usual. In most cases, they will be overjoyed to assist a brave member of the Astra Militarum in their duties, and you should treat anything other than reverence from your lessers as a sure sign of sedition or mutation.

Additionally, if you hear any noises coming from any ducts, investigate immediately, even before voxing for reinforcements – Genestealers and Lictors are notoriously skittish, and you will want to try to kill them before they can escape.

Stage 2: “Predation”


With the invasion stage now over, the Tyranids will appear in greater number. Fear not! These creatures are even less intelligent than their vanguard brethren and are easily dealt with. Always remember the following:


– Attributed to Field Commander Angela Heldengard, 934th Draconis Chem-Knights
Quoted in the Tactica Imperialis, Volume 974, “Post Tyrannic War, Revised Edition”

You may find at this stage that several Tyranid organisms have adapted to tactics you have used earlier. You should likewise adjust; a bayonet charge will easily slay a Carnifex expecting a lasgun fusillade, while Tyranid gun-beasts entrenched against close assault action can easily be outshot.*

Stage 3: “Consumption”


Guardsman, we must confess our disappointment at you allowing the Tyranid infestation to proceed to this point despite our helpful instructions. Nevertheless, time still remains to combat the Tyranid invasion, and indeed, actually fighting the Tyranids at this point should be easier than ever. The sheer numerical mass of the beasts means that aiming is no longer necessary – simply fire your lasgun in any direction and you have a decent chance at hitting, and often slaying, a Tyranid.

Stage 4: “Assimilation”


Guardsman, were it not for your imminent doom we would have you flogged, and we would encourage you to perform self-flagellation should you find a moment before you are digested. At this point, your presence on the world is likely to do little more than provide biomass for future Tyranid invasions, and as such, all that is tactically required of you is to broadcast your location to any Imperial vessels in orbit so they may enact cyclonic martyrdom protocols with maximum accuracy.

There you have it, Guardsman! Fighting the Tyranids is simple – just nip the problem in the bud early, and you’ll have ensured everlasting peace** for any given planet in no time.

Thought for the Day: ‘An alien mind cannot accept the Emperor’s Blessing.’

*Please note that “Sir, it appears to be adapted for close combat” is not a valid excuse for refusing to participate in a charge. Even if the creature has some rudimentary specializations in melee, the martial advice offered by a nearby officer should more than compensate.
**With some caveats.