Attention, Guardsman!

We have a rare privilege for you this week. As you know, you are about to be stationed alongside the Dark Angels, one of the most venerable and respected Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. We were initially going to write a report on fighting alongside these noble warriors, but Interrogator-Chaplain Zacharias had decided to honour us with some instructions of his own. Some annotation has been necessary for the sake of clarity.

Greetings, Mortal.

Be not afraid.* The Dark Angels are here to assist you.

Together, our faith** shall guide us to victory.

1: Do not speak to us


Some of you may wish to ask questions. Engagement in combat will prevent us from answering.***

2: Be alert for teleport flares


During combat, watch out for teleport flares and endeavour not to be present when they arrive.****

3: Avoid making permanent records of our actions


For any reason. *****

That is all, Guardsman.

Blessed day, Guardsman! We give praise to the Emperor and to His servants for sharing their wisdom with us. Please note that, as this Regimental Standard now contains the words of a Space Marine, it is officially graded as holy scripture (Grade 4, Leciticias Class) and as such destruction of your copy, accidental or otherwise, is punishable as iconoclasm and defilation.******

Best of luck!

++ Thought for the day: “The Traitor Can Seek No Salvation” ++

* Reg. Standard Note: Be in constant fear of the Emperor’s judgement.

** Reg. Standard Note: Which is, despite contrary claims from certain seditious sources, completely religious and non-secular on the part of the Adeptus Astartes.

*** Reg Standard Note: Tales of the Dark Angels’ many victories can be easily accessed in great tomes such as [REDACTED], [REDACTED], The Destruction of Caliban by Xenos Agents, Volume 1, and [REDACTED].

**** Reg. Standard Note: The combustive physical dispersal caused by two objects simultaneously co-locating can take weeks for Chapter serfs to remove from the pale bone colour of Deathwing Terminator armour. Please note that manufacturing costs incurred by loss of material this way will be added to the manufactorum workload of your listed next of kin.

***** Reg. Standard Note: We understand that some of you may wish to make sentimental records and pict captures of this occasion, but we have been informed that it is imperative for the Dark Angels to be allowed to operate in privacy. Instead, our brave battlefield artists have risked life and limb to produce several speculative paintings depicting how we think the battles in the coming days may look.

****** We would recommend sealing your copy to your chest – we’re sure that the words of one of the Emperor’s own sons should be capable of deflecting enemy fire with the same effectiveness as your flak armour.