Attention, Guardsman! Is there anything more vile that an abhuman?

Yes. Some abhumans are ALSO witches.

Our recent efforts in combat have, mathematically speaking, annihilated the entire fighting strength of the Heretic Astartes several hundred times over, and their stubborn persistence in existing is simply more evidence of their perfidy and not, as some Guardsmen have heretically suggested, their numbers being greater than previously expected. Indeed, we believe the so-called “Thousand Sons” merely named themselves thus to deceive us, with ranged scans reporting only a handful of living Astartes among their number.

Unfortunately, the enemy has responded to their numerical paucity by fielding abhuman troops in great, unruly hordes, including perhaps the most heretical creature the Regimental Standard has heard about so far. Those of you of a particularly sensitive disposition may wish to look away:*


The so-called “Tzaangor Shaman” is no mere abhuman – it is also a witch, albeit a feeble one. Hate for mankind lies in the heart of all abhumans**, despite our endless beneficence in accommodating them with generous helpings of re-recycled soy-gruel and comfortable, well-fitting shock collars to control their worst impulses. This creature, on the other hand, has given in to its bestial nature, displaying its vile body for all to see and wielding all manner of strange powers. When fighting them, you should temper your hatred with due care for its psychic abilities – only advance under the protective shielding of nearby Wyrdvane Psykers.***

Thankfully, this creature appears to be the largest of its kind and, aside from accommodating for their presence, you should endeavour to engage any Heretic Astartes under normal combat protocols**** with no other surprises.

Happy hunting, Guardsmen!

++Thought for the Day: “Fear that which you do not know. Kill all that you fear.”++

* Before promptly looking back. Reading the Regimental Standard in full every week is mandatory.
** With notable exceptions, such as the gentle Ogryn, who are fully aware of their inferiority, and the Ratlings, who, while repulsive, can at the very least cook. For up-to-date information on the appropriate level of hatred for specific abhuman species, check with your Commissar.
*** We recommend avoiding usually acceptable slang terms like “freak”, “bolt-catcher” and “witch-spawn” while they perform psychic shielding, as they might prove distracting in the thick of battle.
**** Yelling “Traitor” to break their spirit, making sure to aim for the armour joints, and so on.