Attention Guardsman! How are YOU spending your assigned recreational periods?

Recreation is useful only inasmuch as human frailty does not allow for constant labour. Your time away from the front should be used almost exclusively for self-edification and, if time permits, sleeping. Instead, we’ve had all manner of worrying reports from your Commissars of what you get up to – unrestricted ball-sports-based physical activity, card games, or, in one particularly worrisome case, the obsessive hoarding and painting of low-grade ceramite soldiers for some kind of degenerated version of Regicide.

Thankfully, the Sub-departmento Recreatus has been hard at work designing new ways for you to entertain yourself while also improving capacity to serve the Emperor. After a decade of development, we are happy to announce the release of Heroes of the Imperium, a cut-out-and-keep card game that is both educational and enjoyable.



How to Play

Players are each assigned a card and compete to see who shows the most devotion and piety toward their chosen hero. At the end of each round, players swap cards and begin professing their loyalty again. There is no winner, as faith is its own reward.*

Have fun, Guardsmen!

++ Thought for the Day: “True happiness stems only from duty.” ++

*Do not use the cards in a game of comparisons, or “Trumps”. This is to imply the superiority of one part of the Imperium over another, and the more numerologically gifted among you will have already gathered that such comparisons would be meaningless anyway.